Help me understand Dual Cards Please

I know lots of you guys run Dual Video Cards. What I am not understanding is the benifit of doing so. I am guessing that Dual Video Cards, Means Dual Monitors ?

Can you run Dual Video Cards on one Monitor?

I thank your for explaing it to me.  


dual cards =/= dual monitor... and not all that many perople run dual cards.

you can run multiple monitors off of one card just fine.

to run a single monitor off multiple cards (the normal case), your talking about crossfirex or sli, where it uses both gpu's for graphics processing. some games don't use more than 1 graphics card, and many more don't use them well.

I thank you for the reply. Seems like running dual cards is overkill unless your running dual monitors. Even then, really not seeing much of a benifit. Guess with this subject, I forgot, the game makers are not making games for the very few that are running Monster Computers. They are making games to run on the oldest hardware they possible can. 

While at one time I did consider trying dual cards, think that is just something I am gonna avoid. Gotta laugh, I find as I get older, I am getting more away from the Geek stuff. 

I do thank your for explaing it to me. Something I never really understood. Have a nice day.