Help me troubleshoot!

So I was running a GPU Burn test (FurMark) for like 5 minutes. PC shut down. Entirely. Wouldn't start up again. I disconnected the power connectors to my GPU and it started up, so I removed the GPU completely and it now starts fine. I'm thinking PSU issue. But I have a EVGA 500B 80+ Bronze, which isn't outrageous for my build. If anyone has any ideas, I'd welcome them!

CPU - A10-6800k

GPU - 560Ti

PSU - EVGA 500B 80+ Bronze.


unless your psu is faulty, then it could be. But 500W should be more then enough for that setup.

Can you do an aida 64 stress test on just the apu without the GPU, and then watch the temps.

i think that the cpu runs too hot, or the GPU is faulty. But the psu could be faulty aswell offcourse. EVGA lower power psu´s arent that great in terms of quality for that matter.

Thanks for the comment.

I agree. It COULD be the PSU, but it shouldn't be.

I ran Prime95 on my APU. Topped out at 40C (212 Evo with stock fan).

Strange. What could it be? :P

Well it's not a limitation on power - so either the power supply is not operating normaly and has an issue or the video card does. The PSU you have has been a go to for me for almost a year now for budget builds for clients. It has 40Amp on 12V rail and the 560ti requires 30a @ 12v from 2 6pin.
So on paper you have plenty of power, and the EVGA is a bronze rated psu, and it's not some low quality brand.

Other Considerations: The EVGA is a single 12v rail psu @ 40A - this current is shared among all the 12v devices, so in theory if you had a shit ton of hdd's and other stuff inside, or if you are trying to overclock the GPU, then you could pull more than available and it would shut down.
Also what are the GPU temps looking like? 
 What brand is the card? If it is 3rd party design with beefed up power delivery and a factory OC it could be pulling more than a reference card.

None of what I said is gospel by any means - but hopefully it gets you on the right path to figure it out.

For the best testing perform the exact same stress test or burn in test at every stage. Start with only your OS drive connected, the M/B and CPU - run your burn-in test. Then slowly add components until it shuts down.

Time consuming yes, but it's the right way to do it. 

Weird.  EVGA 500B usually has equal or slightly better performance than the Corsair CX500 - a very popular budget power supply.

Does your build power on if you plug in the GPU and boot it up?

It's a PNY 560Ti with a Twin Frozr II cooler slapped on there. Can't test temps because the system will not boot at all with the GPU installed. I've now called it.

RIP 560Ti.

Will test it in another system when I can but for the meantime, back to my little APU.

Thanks for the comments folks.

yeah i assume its the GPU.