Help me switch to PC gaming

    Cause you know, having more to the PC realm is better than the console hell hole. ;)

   Alright so here goes everything. I've watched a lot of TEK's videos and really like their $1200 set up with the AMD FX 8350. 
Le linky link:

   As a complete noob to the PC realm, I haven't really a clue as to the specifics in which I need for what I wish to do and if that particular set up will be the best. Which is where I'm hoping you will come in.

What I'm wanting to do:

  • Game at high to highest settings for both FPS and non-FPS games.
  • Record and upload to youtube to start a gaming channel with full HD. 
  • Be able to edit those videos.
  • Possibly add a software like After Effects as well.
  • Have enough room to upgrade later.

Really I need the best all out gaming rig that's around $1200, space to upgrade and play at the best it can. If the AMD FX 8350 $1200 rig fits all that and doesn't need any parts switched out, then great. (Means they and you have saved me a lot of time.) And does anyone have any views on the Xigmatek Talon case or any particular ones that are a bit more eyecatchy but still reasonable price?

If you have any personal opinions on that particular set-up or think I should change some of the specs to it, feel free to say so and why. Also any advice would be awesome, seeing as i'd like to get out of this noob feeling. Ha.


Anyway, thanks and hope to see just how freakin awesome PC gaming is.



Edit: Any particular recommendations between Windows 7 vs Linux?

Hello i found this setup for you.

let me know what you think

grtz Angel ☻

You got monitor?

There are a few quick questions we will need answered before we can offer you some build suggestions:

1) Do you already have a monitor and keyboard/mouse?

2) Do you want to run a single video card or two video cards (SLI or xfire)? If you aren't sure about the pros and cons of this, then I recommend you do some Googling as there are some great posts out there that explain the ins and outs.

3) Do you think you will tinker with overclocking? Or as a new builder will you play it safe (a perfectly understandable choice)?

As far as windows vs linux goes you should go for windows, you want to play games so that pretty much rules out linux to begin with (hardly any games on linux at this point in time but hopefully this will change sometime in the future, c'mon Valve!)

Also as far as uploading videos to youtube goes, that really depends on your internet connection and has nothing to do with your PC. I have no personal experience with this but if you are going to upload full HD videos to youtube I would make sure that you have a pretty decent upload speed first.

Do that speed test and hit "share this result" and paste the link here, if your connection is bad you might want to reconsider full HD and settle for 720p or something. Maybe other people on the forums who have more experience with uploading stuff to youtube can post their thoughts?

When it comes to streaming, you have made the right choice going for the FX-8350. Logan got some impressive results with this CPU while using Xsplit. Is that the kind of thing you hope to do?

Alright sweet. 
I do plan on streaming after a while so the FX-8350 is a definite in my build.

As for my monitor situation, I currently have an ASUS 23". Don't know the model at the moment(im borrowing it till I get another one) but I can find out if its a must(it does have HDMI ports and your other standard come alongs). I will be wanting two monitors eventually, if anyone has any particular high recs for 23" monitors let me know.
As for keyboard and mouse I will be upgrading from the ones I have now to gaming suited ones. Probably something along the lines of Razer or Steelseries.  

I plan on running one video card for now, if I ever need two then I could always upgrade.
So that brings another question to mind. Should I go with the PNY GeForce GTX 670, the ASUS HD 7970 Direct CU ll or would you recommend something else? I'm leaning more towards the 7970 for speed.

And finally as for the overclocking, I do plan on getting into it even as a new builder so to put simply, yes I will be overclocking.

Thanks for all the help so far guys.

I went a little over your budget, but have this:

For high res/ more than one monitor gaming, I recommend AMD cards. And if you are getting an AMD card, don't use After Effects, because last time I checked they don't have OpenCL support, but use Sony Vegas Pro, which does. 

If the mouse and keyboard are part of the $1200 budget, just remove the SSD and you're good

If you want to use After Effects and/or want a Nvidia 4GB card. Again, just remove the SSD if the mouse and keyboard are part of the budget.

If you'd rather have a 680 and/or don't need 4GB of VRam. Again for the mouse and keyboard.

Wrong  7970´s do support  open GL 4.2 and open CL 1.2

They support it, but nvidia has much faster performance when it coems to the adobe suite.

ALTHOUGH after effects will do more, sony vegas is an absolutely awesome program. I love it myself.

I never said it didn't. I was just saying that After Effects didn't have OpenCL support last time I checked( or if it did, it was crappy), and that if he wanted to edit using an AMD card, he should use Vegas Pro instead, because that one does have OpenCL support. 

yes i know that cause of cuda.

 wenn that is inportant to him, he can allways get my build take out the 7970, and put in a GTX680.

but pure in games a 7970 beats a GTX680.

option1:  with HD7970

option2:  with nvidiaGTX680 4GB.

for gaming the 7970 is faster, but for rendering editing and stuff most people say the nvidia is faster cause of theire cuda cores.


Has anyone got any benchmarks on the two in games? A direct comparison would be great. It would be an interesting comparison as the 7970 has faster RAM but has a slower pixel and texel rate.


And my main concern is gaming. I will only be doing the minor editing of the games I capture for the channel but nothing too amazing so I'm more interested in a video card for gaming that can also handle the editing program. For now, I won't be getting After Effects. I've decided that will be something I consider in my next build. Though I will still probably get Vegas. Again, the editing isn't my main concern it'd just be nice to have something that would work well for both.


Then go with a 7970 ☻