Help me shave some money off of my VFX build

Hey all,

I've been wanting to build a desktop PC for video editing, 3D and VFX for a while but money is an issue and other life matters are taking precedence of my funds.

My current build is at AUD $2378.00, I'm wanting to shave it down to roughly AUD $1800-2000.00.

I'm mainly looking at switching the 780ti for a 770 of some variant and maybe switching the SSD to a cheaper model.

Possibly an even lower model GPU but I still want reasonable performance.

I'm in need of help with the wireless card too, but I'm unsure of what to get.

I'd prefer to keep the case but I'm open to changing it as long at it is still somewhat sleek and stylish and not crazy looking.

I'm unsure if I should downgrade the CPU to a different i7 either.


Really appreciate any help you can give. 




PSU: Switch to this Corsair one. An i7 and a 780Ti would barely get above 450 at full load, so an 850watt is major overkill

Mobo: Gigabyte only slightly cheaper, but IMO a much better motherboard and brand. Never had any good experience with AsRock.

GPU: Just drop to a non-Ti model 

Cooling: Is the liquid cooler even necessary? Hyper 212 is just fine.

Total savings: $318

New Price: $2060

Further saving options: Look at a 770. See if Crucial SSDs are cheaper.

I would downgrade the GTX 780 Ti to a GTX 780 or R9 290. I assume you need the CUDA though, so you should probably go with the 780. The 780 Ti has awful price/performance.

If you don't want to overclock at all, I would definitely change the CPU for a Xeon E3-1230v3 (Basically a locked i7 that is $90 cheaper). That would also mean you could change to a different motherboard, perhaps ASUS H97M-E.

Also, I don't think the cooler you've picked is the best you could do, especially for the money. You could perhaps switch to a Corsair liquid cooler, or to a low profile air cooler (don't have any recommendations.) Going with a cheaper SSD is probably a good idea.You could go with a Samsung Evo instead of Pro series SSD; the 250 GB EVO is $50 cheaper or so.

Edit: I wasn't sure of a 212 evo would fit in a microATX rig (I've never built one). Also, yes, I agree with the previous poster on the PSU.

Awesome stuff, guys/gals.

Thanks heaps.

New parts list. 


I'vebeen relying of friends opinions when it came to picking parts and a lot were adamant on certain things, I'm a newbie in the hardware department, so I'm taking any help I can get.


A friend recommended a Nocuta cooler, what do you guys think?

How is the current parts list? 

The Nocuta's are really nice coolers. Allows for a larger overhead if overclocking or just quieter operation.

List looks good...except my bias away from AsRock Motherboards (but that's just me)

the mobo isn't compatible with the CPU... FM2+ chipset is for AMD Athlons and APUs... get Intel socket 1150 (Z97 chipset specifically for that CPU) and make sure it's micro ATX form so it fits in the case...

Ah crap, accidentally listed the wrong board.

My bad.

Anyway, fixed and used the Gigabyte board.

AUD $2000.00 exactly, not complaining. 


Thanks for the help, guys.

Looks like a stellar build, especially with australian prices.