Help me please!

i need a good laptop, that i can game on, 

i want something good for the money soo help me out here 

i dont care if is used.

I know someone who has an ASUS G73 for sale. it's 2 years old, but has a mobile 5870 and an i7.

What's your budget? 

under 800 but better if it 600

how much?

asus k53e, i got one, pretty good performance if you upgrade the ram to 8 gigs. ~$500. it only has intel hd3000, but I rarely ahve a problem with it... nice, reliable computer, not super heavy, runs cool, 500 gig hdd, 3 usb, one is 3.0, vga, hdmi, cd drive. not the best, but its reliable/ battery lasts up to 5 hrs, if you set it right

lenovo is beast for games and anything really. spend a little get alot more


The guy I know with a G73 is asking about 700 for it. You might be able to haggle him down a bit. If you'd like, I can give him your email sor something.

raid 1 in laptop, need I say more....

Personally I'd go with an Acer Aspire A8-4500M with upgraded to 8gb of ram. It's under 600 bucks and you can not touch it. Will run any newer game with decent settings and good FPS. Might want to invest in a laptop cooler though.

i have a MSI GT660 with a i7 and a GTX 285m and id sell it for 600$

maybe, but I still don't lose anything for posting.