Help Me Please with Threadripper 2990wx

Hello everyone! I want to create video/3d monster but cant choose some components of PC.
I want threadripper 2990wx but dont know which motherboard will be better with him, i searched all of internet and alwayes everyewere different opinions about asus zenith, aorus gygabyte, msi creaton.
And i want to have 128gb of ram + set RTX 2080 ti.
I had million questions about cooling this monster, and come to desicion to make custom liquid cooling than enermax tr4.

Do you intend to OC?

Now, this is very subjective, but I had quite a few mobos so just wanted to share my experiences.
ASUS - I had a total of three ASUS motherboards (LGA1150 and AM4) and my experience was mixed. They usually worked quite fine, but I had some issues. On LGA1150 both boards had some issues with drives. Sometimes the board did not detect some drives, I could fix it by booting without any, but I had an M.2 drive so that was super annoying to do. It became more rare after a BIOS update, but still present. Then I switched to AM4 with the X370-PRO board, so not a cheap one. Everything worked fine, I think that one of the better quality things with it was the RGB, but who cares, I just turned it off. The problem occurred after I decided to sell the system. When I was disassembling it, I couldn’t pull the USB3 connector out. It finally came out, but I pulled the USB3 port plastic shield together with it. It was not the case’s fault, since I had my previous ASUS board in there as well. I RMA’d it, and they gave me a new one… AFTER 6 WEEKS! Decided not to buy ASUS again. Generally good quality, but it seems like they have some issues.
MSI - I was building a system with my friend for him, and he bought an MSI X970 Krait. It was complete garbage. We had issues with the AiO’s pump being detected in BIOS. The BIOS was complete garbage, lack of options and it wasn’t transparent at all. We had some strange bootloading issues that took us hours to resolve, and then driver issues on Windows. It wasn’t an old board, since it came from the last AM3 refresh before AM4 was released.
ASRock - My current as well as previous board is from ASRock. I’m extremely happy with them, I had absolutely zero issues with them. On my current one (H370 Performance) the RGB is pretty garbage, there is no BIOS changes summary and I can’t turn off M.2 drives through BIOS, but otherwise it’s perfect. Those issues are quite nitpicky.
Stuff might have, and probably changed, but that’s my experience.

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Wendell liked the Gigabyte X399 Designare Ex L1T Review Link. There is also the ASRock X399 Taichi, as I did not have a bad experience with ASRock yet, I would suggest you take a look at that.

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But he use it for threadripper 19x version, and in official manual we can read about that this motherboard can work maximum with 16 cores, and tr 2990wx have 32.
I want to buy best motherboard even if will cost very expensive but no choice, brands didnt realeasing good motherboards…

The 2990WX is listed as supported by Gigabyte.
There is also the MSI MEG X399 Creation, not personally a fan of MSI, but thought I’d mention the board anyway.

Now i read about new motherboard for 2990wx - Asus Zenith Extreme ALPHA , and maybe i will take this when it will be able to buy

Meg has been a good board to me. Particularly if you intend on OC. Only complaint is lack of 10gbE on board.

It cools well and runs better than most without VRM fan provision. It certainly has better VRMs.

If you aren’t OC, the ASUS board/bios are good (would be fine for TR with fewer cores - that comment was for the 2990). Gigabyte makes decent hardware, but terrible BIOS.

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The alpha solves the problem of the current ASUS board which is it needs more VRM. If you can wait, I’d be very tempted to do so if I were buying now instead of last year. Have multiple ASUS HEDT boards, x99, x299, and few complaints.

They just designed the prior TR board prior to the 2990 being announced so the VRM was “good enough” for 16 cores, but inadequate for 32.

Had a friend who ran CrossFire Windforce 270X’s on a Gigabyte mainboard. Wonderful machine where it was luck of the boot if both cards would initialize… Oh Gigabyte!

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