Help me please (port forwarding)

--Router Netgear Nighthawk 6700_Firmware V1.0.0.26_10.0.26-- I've been trying to get port forwarding to work. I've done the go to advanced setup/port forwarding-port triggering and fill out the forum thing and it does not work. I've opened the port on the firewall. i have static IP's setup on the router and on my computer. I'm out of ideas on what to do now, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP.

It shouldn't be too difficult. You should only need to set up a static ip on whatever you're trying to forward. So if you have say, a Plex box, at You would need to make sure that machine has a static local ip from your router, then forward the port. Make sure you're actually adding the port forward. Watch some youtube videos if you haven't. I recently had an R7000 and I believe the interface is either similar or identical. Also, if you've got consumer grade hardware you shouldn't really need to open the firewall. I have enterprise grade gear, Ubiquiti, and it will automatically create a firewall rule whenever you forward a port.

Everything is the way it should be in the router gui and all the ips are correct. My thinking is that my ISP has any non service ports blocked. Could that be whats wrong.

Are the ports open on your PC also?

Where do you mean? like the firewall?

Yeah, like the firewall.

Yeah, on the outbound and inboud there are rules for the port.

Are you sure it's working though? Have you tried using another PC on the local network to connect? Sometimes firewalls are tricky; I know I'm guilty of misreading many firewall