Help me please pc not working

Ok so a month or two ago i bought the i5 4690k, didnt have a z97 board, still was saving up for one, so i did, i bought rhe z97 gaming 3 from msi, i hooked it all up with my r9 280x and put it in my case, worked fine for 3-4 days, i wake up the next day, it doesnt work... I found this weird because the motherboard lights came on, no speaker beeps, all fans spinning, but i get no signal on my monitor, i used different cables etc different monitor, different ram, still nothing, put my 280x and ram back in my old mobo, it worked fine, so i came down to cpu or motherboard, the cpu still generated heat so i sent the motherboard back to pccasegear, they tested it, said it was dead and sent me a replacement, it arrived today, i opened it up put it onto the motherboard box to see if it would POST andddd same thing, lights on the motherboard come up, fans spin, but i still get " no signal" on my monitor, i never overclocked the cpu at all,
Full specs
i5 4690k
Msi z97 gaming 3
4x4 16GB DDR3 hyperx
Sapphire radeon r9 280.
Corsair spec 01 case,
Corsair cx500 psu
250gb 840 evo
500GB seagate barracudda
2TB WD Green
1TB WD Black

I bought my cpu off amazon, do they do warranty? I am in Australia, Please help.

Could just be that your PSU is the problem and it's killing your boards

Also try checking in your BIOs if your video output is set to the integrated graphics

Mate, i cant get into the BIOS

Try removing the button cell battery that's in the middle of the motherboard, waiting a minute, and then putting it back in.

Boot with the bare minimum. Motherboard, 1 stick of RAM, CPU & cooler, using the motherboard's display outputs hooked up to your monitor. Don't even plug in any hard drives.

See if you can post.

Can you test the CPU on your old mobo?
If you can't, you may have to send them both back...
Before that, yes, hook up your monitor to the internal cpu graphics and see if you have signal there... It could be, that the mobo just ignores the 280 and uses the CPU graphics...
And ask for another brand motherboards... Those kind of issues are the things that killed The MSI brand for me...

Just making sure i understand, did the CPU work in the old motherboard? and as @Some_Tech_Noob said try to get to bios with one stick of ram.

Well I suppose even if you could you wouldn't be able to see it, try the video outputs on your motherboard then, and also try them without your GPU in

The cpu i hadnt tested until i got the z97 board, my old mobo + cpu was amd, fm2+ a88x killer and an a8-7600, and i wanted an upgrade

Ok are you able to get it to post with one stick of ram. also if you have one of those little motherboard speakers connect that and see if you get any beep codes.

I have a speaker i get no beeps and 1 stick of ram doesnt work

OK one more question does it shut itself off/ get into a boot loop or just sit there with no signal until you power it off. if the latter and you have not tried connecting the monitor to the on-board graphics with no graphics card give that a shot.

After that i would try reseating the CPU/ looking for any damage to the pins in the socket or the underside of the CPU.

edit; clear CMOS might help but i amuse you have already tried that.

There is no pin damage, and i doesnt turn off until i switch it off.

In that case it look like a dead CPU to me as the lack of beep codes and it just siting there indicate that its not even trying to post. It is possibly that when your first board died it took the CPU with it. which makes me think that there might be something up with the psu which if i read correctly you would have used it with your fm2+ board before the new board so the psu is probably fine.

So yea most likely a dead CPU.
Or you are really unlucky and got a doa board as a replacement but you can't test that without a known working CPU.

For the CPU Warranty you would have to talk to Intel because amazon as far as i am aware don't deal with Warranty claims.

Someone might still come up with something that would help but i am out of ideas for now.

I agree with you, i cant see anything else wrong with any other components, better get that warranty, on 10 bucks a week for pocket dosh,