Help Me Plan My First PC (1st Post)

hey, first time here after being subbed to Logan for over 6 months and I finally created a forum account.

Anyhow, I am trying to see if i can get a good gaming pc between $600-$800 that can play games at over 60FPS+ 1080p and above at ultra perhaps? 

what are my options here? I'm looking towards an intel build so the i5 4670k could be my first part.



Do you need any peripherals, or an operating systems?

What games do you play?

Any brand preference?

Any interest in overclocking?

I would suggest going tor a FX-6300 as your budget isn't all that big.

what games exactly? and why over 60FPS (what is your monitor's refresh rate)?

any chance you would go AMD? i only ask, because at the moment, the 8350 is really low ($180) and the 4670k is really high ($140) and they are the same in games.


i put together an AMD build for you. pretty good. still would like to know what games you will be playing.

I'll use windows 8.1 

I do not own games as of right now but I've played games like BF4 and other big triple A titles and I would love a good pc that can run those games at over 60FPS with med-high settings (ultra maybe achievable? noob here)

I think the i5 4670k is good for overclocking. However, your recommendation looks really good, so i'll change my mind on intel.


thank you

um I use a 32inch. 720p hdtv but i'll save again for a good monitor, like a 120ghz monitor? BenQ or Acer looks good for that

Yes, i would consider going AMD because of how incredibly cheap it is. I just think intel seems more reliable and efficient.


of course triple A titles like BF4, Titanfall, Arma 3 or DayZ are the games I would like to play. Hopefully I could achieve over 60FPS at high settings within my price range. Your recommendation looks very good. I will consider it! Thank you

at 720p you will definitly be able to get 60+ on all those. whenever you do step up to 1080p the 760 can still handle it......


it also gets 63FPS average on BF4 on high at 1080p

BF4 will love the extra cores on the FX-8350.

I've tried to lower the price without killing performance.

The 8320 is a slower 8350.  It should be fine for your uses, but you can always easily overclock it to FX-8350 speeds (granted that you get a third party CPU cooler)

1600mhz RAM over 1333.  Doesn't matter in gaming but whatever.

500W PSU.  Everything will run just fine.  You won't be able to add another graphics card in the future to SLI with without going 750w or higher.  I think the 760 will suit your needs pretty well, though.

I'll dop the opposite and upsale you a little bit... here's your Intel build you seemed to want to begin with...

as always... AMD offers a cheaper option... and in gaming, you won't notice a difference... if all you do is game, go AMD with your budget... I just wanted to show you what a comparable build would cost with a snappier Intel system...