Help me pick out a new monitor

my old monitor (Dell E172FP 17" Monitor (1280x1024)) is good and all. But I'm looking to have a second display since I like to multitask. My gpu is a Sapphire Radeon HD7850.


1080p resolution (don't need to go 1440p)

LED backlights are always nice

price range $100-$170 (if my mom can help me out)

I'm okay with any kind of stand. Just so it doesn't shake the monitor because my table's pretty wobbly.

Oh, if it can fit on my desk together with the old dell monitor that's always a good thing.

Desk dimensions 3 ft. by 2 ft.


wobbly stands

gloss (can make do if the choices are too few)

built-in webcam, speakers, tv tuner

doesn't have to be 3d ready but if price fits then okay

2 DVI's


Speed matters. Do you want to game? If you don't you can get around a 22" no prob at 5ms or more. Asus has a tonne of models of very good LCDs. Samsung is also good. Try newegg you can narrow down what you want there without much trouble. Or go here:

Honestly though I've never ordered a monitor. Its always been an in store purchase for me cause I like to see it in action before buying it. Head to your local frys or big box retailer an look around at them first.

i do want to play games forgot to  mention that

an asus 22" or 23" 1080p lcd is probably a good option. the bases can be a bit wobbley, but not too bad. the size is small enough that you can probably fit both on your desk without problems.

I ahve a 23.6" hooked up to my 15.6" laptop, and it's really nice. the screen isn't at all glossy (less than my laptop's screen), and the brightness is superb. it has VGA, DVI, and HDMI. it has a tiny blemish (I bought it used), but I don't notice it at all. my desk is a little over 3' wide, and my laptop and screen fit with about 1' to spare, so you should be able to fit both easily.

Thanks for the advice!

Here's a few i've seen in newegg:

Dell U3011> every other monitor.

I have the VH monitor without led backlight. the VSis smaller, but LED backlit, and has a thinner bezel. but if your going to get the VS, I would get the IPS version, as it's only $10 more. if you go with the 23", get the LED backlit one.

My 21.5" VH monitor's LED mat is slipping off of the screen and I have terrible noise. I would think twice about the LED VH monitors. Maybe it's just mine, but it's still pretty frustrating.

I would like to recommend HP for monitors, so long as they have a surround design that you can stand. I've purchased HP monitors or used HP monitors for everything that I've had, and I'm always impressed when I compare them to just about every other monitor brand. The only exception to this seems to be the newest lineup of IPS monitors, where either the Dell or the AOC are both amazing monitors (although something to note, both of the floor models that I saw were high-gloss finished.) I haven't had the chance to see an HP IPS monitor in person, so I don't have anything to say for or against that one, but given HP's past trend with displays, I would probably buy one for myself. My HP 2310m is very attractive and has a 2 ms advertised response time, although you actually won't be able to notice much below 8-10 ms. So IPS monitors are the wave of the future, so long as you are okay with 60 Hz and non-3D displays (I know I am.)


Also, unless you really need an additional display for something (And I will be the first to admit that they can be really handy) it does look really horrible to see mismatched monitors, it would probably be better to get two of the 21.5" monitors than to get one of the larger ones and have this little vestigial monitor hanging off the side, looking ever so pathetic.

I havent read everything in the thread, but just dont buy a TN panel,  Oh jesus please dont buy TN.

I really appreciate the responses. I'm having a lot of choices now but still haven't bought one. I'm gonna wait for the weekend. But i'm definitely liking the asus monitors.