Help me now

I have a massive problem

2 months ago i built a pc and installed windows 7 professional 64 bit on my ssd

it was booting in under 14 seconds

1 month ago i turned it on and it was taking ages ( i waited an hour )

then startup repair came up and said loads of stuff

i checked the connections to ssd

and booted again and it was fine

yesterday i booted it and it was the same problem so i checked the connections and booted again :C it didnt work like before just the splash screen

so now when i boot it takes about 7-ish minutes on the splash screen ( the pulsing windows logo )

then it gives me the option startup repair or try booting again and i click the booting option and it boots fine ?????

this is a massive problem because it took 10 mins today which is longer



( sorry this is a bit messy )

( this may be in the wrong place-sorry )



What SSD do you have? 

Do you have a horrible Gayporn Virus?


Trying using msconfig and chance which programs run on boot

120GB Samsung 840 Series Solid State Drive

just checked- no







Change which programs?

Sounds like you installed McAfee or Norton antivirus. They both add 234354 startup processes.


Seriously though...a re-install would be the best bet.