Help me locate this tablet motherboard online

Dear co-Teksyndicators:

I need your help in locating a particular piece of hardware. It is the motherboard used in a tablet. I have already contacted the store I purchased it from, but the cost to get it from the store is quite high. I'm thinking these boards must come out of China and I'm trying to locate a place to get them online. I have googled the serials on the mobo, but couldn't get anything. Spare 5 minutes if you have any idea!


1037U is obviously the CPU and NM70 turns out to be the chipset. Following strings do not produce any useful search results (to me at least):

1332 M/B C22

Sure it's a tablet mainboard? Looks like it's from a laptop, to me.

Mainly because of the curve on the left side where a fan would go.

What tablet did motherboard this come from??

Yes, it's from a tablet, and yes it did have a fan. Here's a shittier photo of the assembled internals:


It was from a non-brand name tablet (no Lenovo, ASUS, etc.). That's why I think I could get this from a Chinese supplier.

So what was the non brand name of the tablet do you have any clue..

If you don't know the exact name, how big is it. I might have an idea as to the brand.

Heh, neat. Upgradeable RAM and a... mSATA? port on a tablet... neat.

As for where to find a replacement I've no clue, just found that quite cool.

silk road?