Help me get into PC gaming?

Hi Everyone.

I have been a console gamer since the PS2 released, and frankly, I need to switch. My time as a console gamer has drawn to a close, but sadly, I don't have the resources to become a true PC gamer. 

Currently, I am running off of a laptop. Sadly, I can't play even the simplest of games. 

I would like to get a PC that can run BF3 at Med. settings or so. 

If you want to help me out, just let me know.

Thanks, Marty.


Like, $400. Intel Core i3, Radeon HD 7790

Do you need an OS? Also, what country are you in?


No OS needed, and I'm in the US good sir.

FM2 socket isn't the best for expandability, but this is a nicely rounded system.

Thanks for the idea, but I have very little cash for PC gaming. I need help getting the parts!

Wait, are you asking for us to give you parts?

You should go with AMD instead of intel with that budget

If you have your heart set on intel, wait for them to release the haswell i3 processors.

A spare, inexpensive part people would donate. A whole system isn't going to happen.

I have been considering about setting up a part donation system, which would connect the donors with the people in need, no middle-man, so no liability.

Need to Logan about it, see what we can get put together.

Nobody will give you a complete system. I have very few spare parts, now, but I have a pretty large inventory flowing through. I'll see what I can scrounge up.

I guess i can throw in a 400w power supply if we're doing donations.

Thank you so very much! Anything would help. 

Can you email me? [email protected]

Sent Email.

Thank you so very much good sir! 

Why can't you get the money to build a gaming PC, I'm sure you could baby sit, mow lawns, walk dogs and more to get the money for a gaming PC.


Brennanridell's charity for children without gaming pc's? That would be interesting..