Help me finetune my understanding of 'metadata vdev' in ZFS and disaster recovery of a stripe mirror vdev

My thoughts

Please do go ahead and test on your VM set-up, and let us know…

I’m pretty When the NVMe drive dies, the pool dies.

And even though the NAND chips might each be able to write in the petabyte levels before locking read only, there are other components that break/fail/wear out.

But it’s a measured risk, and just having another pool as a backup, might mean you only loose a couple days files when you loose the entire pool.
The data /surviving drives can be placed into a new pool, and the backup copied over to them to start again.

The slog cache can die, and the pool will operate. A L2ARC cache can die and not kill the pool. But a Vdev brings it down.

But a measured risk might still be acceptable; your phone only has a single flash chip for it’s OS storage.
Laptops, even desktops typically don’t have redundancy.
Redundancy does not equal backup, and any device has a measured risk of failing. Even a redundant set-up might loose a backplane, or PSU or mobo.

Redundancy is more about up-time while broken components are swapped out

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