Help me find out, what Keyboard this is

Hi everyone,

my dad brought me a keyboard from work. But as he don't have a clue how a PC works (just in general) and the keyboard had no package, I'm not sure what kind of keyboard it is.
My problem is, that I want to change the keykaps on it, but can't find what type of mounting that is.

lsusb shows me only "Microdia" for the keyboard, so I still have no idea what keyboard it is.
I researched a bit and it looks like "Dell integrated mounting" to me. But I'm a total noob in regards of keyboards.
So I hope, anyone can help me here.

My main goal in finding out what keyboard it is, is really the mouting type for the keycaps. Because there are two keys missing and I want to change the english layout to a german layout.

Looks like a rubber dome Microdia :)

Those square caps look exactly the same as those on my old Logitech G19s. The SHIFT one though is wider than I remember the g19s' SHIFT cap to be.

Isn't there any indication on the bottom of the keyboard? Most brands put their name and the model on there.

Changing them will not be as easy as it would on a mechanical keyboard. Mostly just because it is is either very hard to find replacement rubber dome caps or it is just cheaper to buy one in the layout you like online. A cheap rubber dome and and layout you like should not be more than $20.

Mechanicals are very much more expensive but offer a mind boggling range of options if you want to spend some cash.

Oh is that USB removable? Have you got a full shot of the keyboard? What layout is it, ISO or ANSI? What size is it, !00%, TKL or 60%? All this will narrow it down pretty much immediately.

Unfortunately not. My dad works at a company that sells computer parts and sometimes they throw stuff away, that is still good but didn't meet some criteria. So sometime the parts don't have brand stickers.

Aw man, I really hoped, that wouldn't be the case.
The USB is not removable, as far as I can see. The layout is ISO, if I get it right.
100%, TKL or 60%? To be honest, I'm not sure, what that means. I guess it refers to the case? It looks smaller than a regular keyboard. Here's a full pic of it.

I'd say, it looks like the Raptor K30, but without the top and bottom part. Just a plane small keyboard.

Yup you got it right. ISO with the big enter key, and yes 100% it has the num pad.

TKL is tenkeyless, ten keys as in 0 to 9 on the numpad. The entire numpad section of the keyboard is missing.

60% are smaller again with the insert, end, home keys and arrow keys section missing as well so more compact.

There is also stuff like 40% and smaller like the ortholinear Planck.

Sorry I kind of just dropped that there earlier with no explanation. I am used to.keyboard talk so I forget sometimes.

Edit: it being an ISO.layout all ready helps though. You should be able to buy some stickers, sets, of German layout keys and re label the keys on this if all else fails.

Ah yes, I see. Thanks.
Now I know what the percentage talk means :)

Alright, thanks for the help. I'll see if I can find something. Now I know what type it is etc.

Edit: I think the brand label etc. is missing, because the keyboard chasis is missing. Still looks good, even without the chasis though.

I wonder would there be any manes or marks on the PCB to tell you what it is.