Help me find best GPS tracker on market

Hello guys,

I am planning a motorcycle project that involves GPS Tracking. My idea is to pick, install and test few GPS trackers. Make a build log or "how to" out of it for the rest of us, who would like to do such thing.

Here are few that i found...

Sub $60 with magnet and internal baterry

Cheap sub $15 GT02A

Sub $20 waterproof one

It would really help me if you could recommend or share all your experience with various GPS Tracking devices you have used. Its advantages and disadvantages, how good the software is, its acuracy, what mobile app it uses.

I also found a site that offers free interface for such GPS devices. Any thoughts or experience with those?

Thank you, your input is much appreciated.

So I never really got into the nitty-gritty hardware side of things for GPS tech, but I worked at a renowned GPS company in the US for their aviation bits. I was given some introduction into GPS and GLONASS (USSR/China version of GPS). To my very basic understanding of the auto GPS dashes that were produced by the company it not only relied upon GPS signal for accuracy, but also other things like Speed, Direction, Gyroscopic input, etc. Anything that could help keep the guidance on track when you find yourself without solid GPS signal (Please note the 'when' was not an 'if'). But all that was for constant guidance like you get with Google Maps.

However, if you are just wanting a ping every minute or two to trace what the GPS tracker is attached to, then you can ignore those other input metrics for accuracy. Maybe something in those words will help spark something you hadn't thought about yet. But I don't have much to add beyond this. Best of luck, though.

So I've ordered following three pieces for further testing.

Low end one $15

Waterproof one $20

Fancier one for $27

As soon as they arrive, I will do installation and will report on the process and my findings. I really am looking forward to this :) I how you are too...let me know.