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Help me find an oven non eating uses


Hi I want to sublimate pc side panels to do this i need to use digi coat so that the metal can be sublimated however that chemical needs to be baked in a oven. The oven can never be used for cooking food as the chemical is poisonous.
I don't know what type of oven to search for as "oven" returns household ovens that look nice and costs alot. Also they are too small for putting E-ATX side panels in.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Maybe you want to be looking at kilns?

Might be hard to find something cheap which isn't too small.


Just go to Craigslist and find the cheapest basic full size kitchen oven. You could probably get one for 50 bucks.

Or just make a ghetto brick oven, they're not hard. You'd have to use fire though.


How hot?
If it cures at 250 to 300 degrees you can go 50 bucks.
Just a simple seach for hobby kiln gave me this
One for 48 bucks, a bunch over a grand
Hope this helps
Also you can search digi-coat and forum, there is a forum for everything nowadays