Help me find an IDE

Hi guys, I am currently studing System Engineering at the university, and we are learning C. 

For now we just do really simple console applications, We use Microsoft Visual Studio on the labs, but I need to install an enviroment for doing my homework (at home).

The university provided us with a free license of Visual Studio, but I want to be able to use and IDE from a Linux VM (I use Mint 14 on VirtualBox). Is there any good one where I can write, compile and link my projects or there is  NO way I can get something similar to a Win32 Console on Linux?

 I had never made any programs on Linux yet, should I keep on the annoying windows Visual until I learn more stuff?

I can't think of any IDEs, but here is a compiler/tutorial that will let you compile Win32 .exes on Linux. I personally hate .exes, and stay as far away from Linux as possible, but if you must, then use MinGW32. Otherwise, Visual Studio is a very developed IDE, and assuming you are running the VM from within Windows, it makes no sense not to just use Windows for Win32 code.

Whats with the "windows Visual" gripe? Annoying? Whats so annoying about it?

Plain C via windows compiler is not your best option. Its dated and on a very low priority as far as MS is concerned and is really just to humor legacy code devs might have to deal with.

Go with eclipse/CDT

Doesn't matter which platform, like brennanriddell said, use a non-ms compiler. Its all available on windows as well.

Thanks for the help guys.
I didn't want to use Visual on my main pc and user, because I feel it's really invasive to the OS, it loads a bunch of stuff that you have to struggle with to have a clean windows experience while not using the enviroment.

 I will try Eclipse, some of my friends are now using it, I will give it a try.

And btw, I didn't want to run a .exe on linux, I wanted to know if I could get something similar to what I am doing, compiling my small C programs and run them with no GUI, just like I do with win 32 console exes.



I currently use Ubuntu 12.04 w/ Cinnamon installed (so basically Linux Mint 14) and I'm a fan of Code:Blocks. You can set it up to use a variety of different compilers. If you want to cross-compile for windows, you can install mingw packages and set codeblocks to use it