Help me find a monitor

VESA mount


27" 1440p
vesa mount
120+ hz

at least 2 HDMI (for Switch/XBONE)
Good response time for gaming
Preferably under 500 bucks

I'm making a man-corner, since my mancave became a nursery, and I'm just gonna drop a monitor on the wall and put a keyboard and mouse under it.

What I'm looking at so far:

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Congrats again!

I'm no expert, but I play one on Level 1 Techs. Most of this is what I have learned from others.

24" is definitely too small and 27" is kinda small for 4K. I couldn't read the tiny text on a 27" 4K monitor in a store. I know that can be adjusted but sometimes, with some programs and games, one can't increase the font scaling of the user interface.

As a size experiment I cut out three pieces of cardboard and taped it to my old 24" inch screen. I found 27" was too small, 40" was too big and 32" was in the Goldilocks zone. I bought a cheap 32" 1080p screen as a temporary solution (text on my 24" was too small for my eyesight). Then I tried the width of a 40" at the height of a 32" = 38" - 21:9 - Ultrawide. That's what I want but they are too expensive ATM ($1500), plus I don't want a curved monitor. One day 'my Precious' will be mine!

Many TechTube reviewers say that QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution is the sweet spot. The resolution is almost as good as 4K in actual use and much less taxing on your GPU. The monitors are cheaper and you wont need to drop another $700 on a (1080Ti ?) GPU in order to push 4K.

I will try to find a 4K monitor like you asked for and a QHD screen that I hope you consider.

$591.39 - Wendell likes Wasabi Mango 4K monitors.

The specs on this Phillips QHD screen look impressive. Hell... I might even buy one.


Right. Didn't consider that. I,had a 27" 1440p Korean monitor and it was just fantastic. Wonder how the xbone and switch would look on that though.

Maybe I can find a hdr 120hz 1440p on that price range.

And thank you.

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I can't seem to find any monitors that fill all of your requirements.



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Dell has some cheap pretty decent 1440p 144hz monitors.
Dell S2716DG ‑ 27"
Dell S2417DG - 24"


Those are sexy, but TN panels and not 10 bit.

Maybe I'm chasing a unicorn though and these things just don't exist together.

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Are you looking for FreeSync or G-Sync monitors? 1440p IPS and 10 bit is hard to find under $500. Most panels are 8 bit or 8 bit doing some trickery to say 10 bit, or expensive as hell and 10+ bit.

40 inch 4K maybe?
not 144hz but its like $350

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That's too big for my purposes sadly. 32" is teetering on being too big as well but I figured I could probably make it work.

Thanks though!

Well i have a g-sync laptop but I'm probably going AMD laptop when their competitive laptop products come out.

So I have no answer to that, haha.

Honestly out of all things computers the monitor is the most important and will last the longest by far. I'd just save up a bit more and shell out for a really nice monitor. I went with that 24 inch dell and I'll have it for the next 10 years. It's going to be a awhile before I'm playing games at 1440p 165 hz on ultra settings.

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You're completely right in everything you just said.

Now tell my brain that and to stop buying and selling off tech just because it wants to.

buy the best so there is no reason to sell it to upgrade then.

I usually do buy the best, except in graphics cards, and I still do it. It's a problem I have. I'm working on it.

Edit: changed OP to show that I'm willing to work with a 1440p monitor with 120+ hz on an IPS panel. I want that unicorn, damned it.

why not TN?

I like the look and color of an IPS monitor much more than a TN. I've never been able to get a TN to look how I wanted it to compared to an IPS.

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Well that's a winner. That's exactly what I'm looking for. If you choose the "WQHD 1ms" option it's actually like 509 bucks.

Nevermind, that one isn't IPS. First one is great though.

I've been looking at big FreeSync monitors to use as a TV with the new Xbox and seen this.

I've also just bought a HP Omen 32" that I really like.

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mad google skills. Glad to help

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