Help me find a cooler for my FX-8320 without breaking the bank!

So as the title states I want to cool my FX-8320 without breaking the bank. My Budget can exceed 40 dollars if it's just a few dollars more or to cover shipping, taxes, and so on! I live in Canada, Ontario.

So help me out guys! I don't know what to look for and I just want to cool my CPU. The case I am using is the Rosewill Challenger U3

Best option for you in my opinion, I have used both, and the Enermax is obviously better. I used it to cool my brothers 8320 at 4.4ghz it doesn't reach 50c ;]

I second the Hyper 212 EVO, just switched it out with a new Antec Kuhler 620. But the EVO was absolutely amazing. I don't recommend OC'ing with it too much, unless your chip is just an absolute beast. But if you keep it at stock, it will be super cool. 

I have the 212 evo and it barely handles my fx 8320 @ 4.5 ghz 1.356v . It can't handle the heat during stress tests but it can handle any other cpu intensive game perfectly, it tops out at 60 degrees while playing bf3 online and random 65-67 temp spikes every now and then. Guess my chip is a damn lottery winner. voltage sits normally at 1.356 - 1.380 but it jumps all the way up to 1.426 in prime.

Funny i just got the evo for my 8320 it's a awesome cooler, nice choice for going aftermarket the stock heatsinks are garbage.

Well it's not really made for massive overclocks.For that you need a more expensive one the 212 evo is made for minor overclocks.

Are you reading the socket temps or the internal cpu temps? Internal is what is important. 

Core temps. Not socket temps. it's k for gaming and err'day use. Until I get a noctua nh-d14 it will have to do.