Help me find a $600 laptop for a friend

One of my friends is in the market for a new laptop aroud the $600 dollar range.

He's specifically looking for one that very mobile; can do decent gaming on low/medium settings and some slight video editing.

So far another friend and I made these two suggestions:

Also, he lives in the U.S and prefers to buy from Amazon or Newegg.

I would Honestly get this one. Has an i7 which is great for video editing as well as gaming. Possibley in the future i would remove the hardrive and put an ssd inside but thats just me

Here is the one I recently got for my little brother.

It is the cheapest one I could find with a good graphics card. And can play most games on med to high. Wont count on really demanding games though like crysis but it could handle on low probably. The keyboard seems sturdy and case ok. It is windows 8 though.