Help me figure out Openrazer

So the thing of the day is I’m going to be on Ask Noah tonight and requirements he sent say I need to have a mic that doesn’t pick up a lot of sound, so optimally a short range boom mic. I’m still making my decision, but if I go with the razer option I’m going to need OpenRazer to actually work.

Heres the one I am looking at:

Now if it were in 3 days and I could do overnight shipping I would probably do a differint thing, and if I had a DAC I’d do an XLR mic that I have, but as it is I need a new headset anyways and my budget is 150 bucks and the thing is in 6ish hours. This will do perfectly fine and its sturdy at that.

Now, to use it correctly I need openrazer, at least I think so. If not I won’t worry about it, but every review says you need razer compatible software of some sort to configure the thing and then youi’re good to go. I am on void linux, have openrazer-meta installed and razergenie. Went I try to run openrazer I get this error:

[email protected]:~$ openrazer-daemon -s
No pidfile found, assuming openrazer-daemon is not running

At least when I kill it. When I run openrazer as it is in a terminal, even in verbose, nothing happens and nothing is listed as a running daemon.

When I open razergenie after “running” openrazer I get this.

The opnrazer daemon is not available. The daemon is not started and you are not using systemd on your system. You have to either manually start the daemon, or configure an outostarting method using software like cron.

But I manually started it, supposedly.

I have to go move water heaters and retrieve hay I will be back in an hour.

Thank you for helping. I am on void linux which uses runit.

If you’re willing to drop $100 then just pick up a blue snowball. The drivers are the same as used by the blue yeti, and works out-of-the box with linux.

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I still need asisstance this.