Help Me Decide On a New Video Card

So, I posted my first ever GPU cooling mod to the forum a while back. I still use it in my main rig, however I recently had the desire to go mini ITX with my build and carry over select parts. As you can expect, pretty dramatic shift from an entry level ATX build, to a mid-range, small form factor build. So I decided to buy a new one. Particularly, for Star Wars Battlefront, which recommends a video card with a 4GB vRAM buffer. (Correct terminology?)

I play at a resolution currently of 1440x900. I'm looking for something 2GB GTX 950 at bare minimum, to around a 4GB variant of the GTX 960. I really desire an NVidia card because in my spare time I use the NVidia centered features for my own business and I'm sick of AMD cards, after using them for nearly two years, so I'd like a change unless it's a hands down better deal. So, what card should I get?

What is your budget?

If you can't stretch to a GTX 970 then it's sound like a 4GB GTX 960 is what you want. Unless you look for older gen cards on Ebay etc.

It's only when you jump up significantly from your current res. that you would might struggle with a GTX 960.

what are you using this for? if its just for starwars battle front then a cheap 960 would do fine.

About $200 but I'm fine with going to $240. No higher than $250.

Thanks, but by a cheap GTX 960, you mean a 2GB model like the Zotac one or basic EVGA one, right?

By cheap 960 we mean it's not an expensive 970... Honestly, 380 will be better for gaming, but if you really want to go the green path - 960 is actually your only option... Just get a 4GB version and you are set... 970 is way to expensive, 950 is worthless if you can get 960, so 960 is literally your only option.

Oh no, still get 4 gigs, by cheap I was comparing it to the 970.

Thank you! I'll save up for one!

I understand, thanks a ton!