Help me cover my ass. please

Hi there

Many sites only allow 1 account pr. person. i want to get around this. i have experience using virtualization software like virtual box, so that I can run multiple instances of what ever i am doing.

Problem is that if the site admins wanted to, they could check and see that all accounts, are on the same network. I would like for it to look like each virtual PC is on a different network.

is this possible?

I have heard a lot about proxy servers, would it work to set up each pc to its own proxy server? or is there a easier way?

I dont really have any experience with proxy servers though. but when all the virtual PC's are connected to the internet through my "real" PC would it still look like they are on the same network, even if I sat them up with individual proxy?

ANY response, help, insight or guidelines would be greatly appreciated, and I thank you in advance tek syndicate community :)



Proxy servers would work fine, so long as you trust them with your log in info.  Virtual boxes wouldn't be necessary.  Just find a couple web proxies (just google it) and use those in different tabs to log in to your various accounts if you want them all to be logged in at once.  Or use them separately.  Whatever.  They will each be logged in from different IPs, and unless the admins cared enough to trace them back to a proxy (or that site had some kind of tracking cookies in use), there would be no indication that they were all you.

I don't know why I'm helping you with this, it sounds like you are trying to pull some shady shit.  Use your conscious.  Use your common sense.  Don't be evil.