Help me choose the best LGA 2011 for my needs?

So I need a motherboard for my first build.  I'll be using it for a lot of video editing, vfx, 3d modeling, obviously gaming and other high usage processes. The rest of the build is an i7-3930k that I will overclock, and a GTX 680 which I might add another in the future.  I will be over clocking everything and want the best performance possible. I was looking at these motherboards here, but I'm having trouble deciding.  What should I get, and why? Thanks!

 - Ian B

Out of those choices, I would be going with Asus P9X79 Pro, or the Gigabyte X79S-UP5.

Just for onboard features... They are all very similar.

Like what? 

i'm using the asus sabertooth x79 with a 3930k and a GTX 680, very solid board and i'm very satisfied

Tek Syndicate actually made a overview video about this motherboard