Help me choose the best hard drive and RAM?

So I have an HP Envy 17 laptop and need to upgrade the hard drive.  I am dangerously low at this point (under 25 gb) and need to install a new drive.  Can someone recommend a new hard drive for my machine? I want something really fast (at least 7500 rpm), at least 1 tb storage (if not 2 tb), and obviously one that will fit in my computer.  I also need to upgrade the RAM.  Could someone additionally recommend some good ram for my pc? I do a lot of video editing and compositing and also gaming.  I'd like the fastest RAM I can get in either 8 or preferably 16 gb, and one that is a good value.

this is the harddrive I can find in a quick search.. not sure if it has to be a slim drive for you laptop though..

I dont think you will see any real improvment by upgrading the ram.. especially considering the cost..