Help me choose! (nVidia)

Hey guys.


I'm getting a new graphics card soon, my budget is 515 dollars.

(I live in Denmark, so there are different prices here)

Thinking of getting the ASUS GeForce GTX 660 Ti TOP OC.

But i don't know... any ideas? I mostly want a ASUS since i am a silence whore.


EDIT: In Denmark, the ASUS GTX 660 Ti TOP OC is 417 dollars.



The MSI Power Edition cards aren't bad. I don't know about the dB levels, but they offer overvlotage and what have you. It sounds like you have a little wiggle room left in your budget though so I'd recommend a 670 if possible. Anything from Asus, EVGA, or MSI is probably going to be a winner. Just read the reviews and see if there are any complaints. 

I hope this is a danish store but here it goes

Thanks guys.


Also, thats not a danish store, but its a way to show every store which sells the product & which is cheapest.

Other ideas, anyone?

my friend has a ASUS GeForce GTX 660 Ti TOP OC and it's a really good gpu. i strongly recommend it.

Any "benches"

BF3 Ultra?

Crysis 3?



The last one was a joke.

for that budget I would reccomend the Raedon 7970 (Gigabyte, Saphire) or the EVGA or Gigabyte GTX 680 Superclocked. Nvidea also has features like CUDA cores and PhysX

The item I listed is a GTX 670 FTW Edition, its got the same clock speeds as a 680 and only 5% slower in performance.  try and find one near you.