Help me choose new gaming laptop

My Hp envy 14 broke and now I need a new laptop, I did my research and I found this Lenovo: Lenovo IdeaPad Y Series Y510P-00043NL ---> it has a Full HD screen, i7-4700MQ, 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz ram, 1TB 5400RPM + 24GB SSD, Nvidia GT 755m 2GB in SLI, But I'm not sure if this laptop is the best I can get for this budget. So maybe someone has some suggestions. My budget is €1000-€1250.


It is insane how much that is marked up internationally.  The US price is no where near that much for the same system.  I am not sure which country you are in, but you could try a boutique vendor.  My understanding is Eurocom ships all over the world,  I have bought from and before with great success, but I do not know if they ship internationally.  As far as a standard off the shelf system goes, Toshiba and ASUS both have excellent gaming systems to consider also.  Wish I could help you.  Hopefully you have good luck finding what you are seeking.

I would recommend either Asus or MSI gaming laptops. I just took a look on UK Amazon and found this

What do you think about this one:


If you can find one in your budget, I highly recommend an Asus G-series laptop, I have been a proud owner of one for almost 2 years.

I recently went through choosing a new laptop for research and gaming and found that the Gigabyte machines are great value for money.

I ended up buying a Gigabyte P27K: 17" 1080p, i7-4700mq, 16gb RAM, 256gb SSD, 1tb HDD, GTX 765m.

I'm in Australia and the markups here are crazy, but if you can find a good price online it is a nice machine. I've been very happy with it - primarily in the fact that in addition to the two HDDs included it has space for another 2.5" drive. I installed another 1tb drive and use it as a dedicated Linux drive.

It isn't the smallest machine, but that wasn't a priority for me. I prefer a bigger laptop as I need both portability and the ability to work on genetic sequence alignments that are painful on tiny screens.

In terms of gaming, I am running the usual things I play on high or ultra at 1080p without any issues (Dragon Age series, Mass Effect series, Skyrim, SWTOR, Neverwinter MMO).


Anything asus makes is going to be high quality:


If you can fit this into your budget I would suggest this:

I'd go with what everybody is recommending... the ASUS G750JW. Alternatively, search up for notebooks equipped with GTX 765m. I've been hearing a lot of micro stuttering issues with the SLI on the Lenovo Y500 series for a while now.

Acer V5 573G. i5, full HD anti-reflective screen. Nvidia 750m is plenty at 4GB. 8GB RAM, easily upgrade to 12. Only downside is the HDD, again easy to upgrade in the future.