Help me choose game

so yea on steam huge ass sale im already getting crysis and stalker for 45bux

i only got 45more dollars so not sure on which game to get

its betweeen cod5,cod4 and farcry 2.

out of those 3 which is the the most action and will keep me up for 5days straight??

cod4 would keep you busy for quite a while but FC2 is sick as fuck too....

idk your call :P

but im asking you guys


COD 4 ftw

lol far cry 2 was given to me from a friend, we were talking about other things and stuff with another friend (computer guy and stuff speak and all that)

all while the disk that had far cry 2 on it was in the laptop, and yes I didn't know untill he took the disk out =/ and said "this is far cry 2"

far cry 2 will keep you playing for 5 days straight, but is very repetitive.

cod4 you will be done with in 10 hours

if you need a game to play online get cod4, otherwise get farcry2... im not really a huge fan of either though.

source games and fallout 3 are what its all about.

i got farcry 2 and unreal tournament 3

and there gona take like 5hours to dl them

50mb internet my ass!!!

I dont really like Far Cry. Its just so repetitive, drive the car, kill these guys, drive the car, blow this place up. Its just so much of the same thing

y bump this? u got my hopes up with games being on sale lol

Yeah, Far Cry 2 is exactly what you said.

Snipe for 2 seconds and BAAAAAAAAM a car is 2 inches from your back... Its stupid

cod4 > fc2 > cod5



who the fuck is josh and why is he bumping old threads?


farcry 2