Help me choose. (AMD 280x)

Pretty simple. My options are:

Sapphire Dual-x

HIS (Non-turbo, but who cares)

MSI (Might be picking this one)

I have decided to not go with Gigabyte because of the card's sag in the PCIe slot.


HIS: Sturdy metal rib and metal face, But HIS famous coil whine.

MSI: Large fans, "Military Grade", Rumors of coil whine above 50c

Sapphire: light Plastic heatsink, can't find much info on it.


Why not asus or anyone else? Simply put they are out of stock. This is what i have to work with, i am hoping for people with some experience can help me out :D

I would go for the Msi seems a great sollid card as usual with msi TwinFrozers allways good cooling solutions, and i think it´s also the cheapest?

My Favorite is still the Sapphire ToXiC but this card  cost rediculous more then the other models. But it looks realy hot ☺

I think i would get the Asus matrix 280x (ROG version) at that price point :P

well yeah they cost rediculous more, i would go with the Msi, for its price point. ☺

1 Person for msi. Noted :)