Help me choose a graphic card plas :)

i am stuck between getting a asus radeon 7850 directCu II or a sapphire AMD radeon HD7870 2GB. Any feed back would be great :)

the 7870 is going to be better than 7850 in about every way but if this is a new build dont get the 7870 and compromise something else if it all fits in your budget. and if your just getting a new graphics card just get whatever is in your budget, look for sales because the 7870 have gone down to arround $200.

thanks a lot man i think i wiill go for the 7870 and im updating my graphics card from a 5770 so anything is an improvement 

i saw a gtx 660 go for 160 after a 20$ rebate last week. thats not bad for the price. and it might have come with AC 3 as well.

He should get the 660T instead because it has the same amount of cuda cores as the 670.