Help me choose a 144hz monitor please

I barely know anything about monitors besides 144hz is amazing for gaming. I'm trying to find the cheapest 144hz possible. My GPU is a R9 290x. Hopefully you can help me choose by answering some questions :3 (I'm in Canada btw).

1. Does anyone know if the 144hz type monitors will drop in price anytime soon? If so I'd probably just wait it out and buy a normal 60hz one.

2. Which of these two is the better monitor and why? (Asus vs BenQ)



3. What do you think of the price? Does it seem like a good deal?

And of course thanks in advance for your help!

144Hz is good for gaming that requires fast action and reaction time. Like twitch shooters. Most games don't see much benefit. Tbh I have used both a 60Hz and a 144Hz and noticed no real perceptible difference even in CS. People gave me shit for that and said I just wasn't "pro" enough and all this other BS but sorry it just wasn't there. Plus, spending that much more for lousy color and viewing angles on a TN panel doesn't really do it for me. I suppose if you use your PC only for twitch shooters and have a GPU that can consistently push that high of a frame rate it is good but otherwise meh. I'd take a nice 1440p 60Hz IPS unit any day over a 144Hz one but that is just my opinion.

As for those two I'd go with the ASUS. Seems to have better reviews, has more inputs (DP being the biggest addition), a longer warranty, better stand the lot...

I am actually typing this up on the BenQ 2411z that i received for christmas. So my review would be that the colors could use some touching up but they're better then my old monitor which was a 1080p Asus TN panel, although it was a lower end panel. For gaming its a whole new level of smoothness. Even in windows I notice the higher refresh rate. Maybe thats down to me having better then average eye sight or just down to the panel being that good. Either way it is something I definitely enjoy. Playing CS is magical to say the least, although I'm sure the Asus should be the same way. I leaned towards the BenQ for its mat finish vs the glossy Asus's finish. It was on my old Asus and it attracted nothing but finger prints and dust. The BenQ also has a lot of adjust ability in the stand which is a bonus for me. If you want smaller bezels, not going to lie it would be a bad choice. The Asus definitely has smaller bezels but thats something you can get with higher end BenQ's. DP on the Asus is also an added bonus although using DVI isn't a draw back to the BenQ imo.      

Wow seriously, thank you for the feedback it was really helpful. Sorry for the late reply btw.

I think I'll take your word for it and go with a 60Hz monitor (60Hz is also cheaper too ^_^). I watched a few videos and overall I think you're right about 60Hz tho I have no idea what IPS is vs TN or whatever lol.

I will be streaming CS:GO/League but mainly planning to play some graphically beautiful games because I was never able to on my old PC (Far Cry 4 on the higher side of settings, other games of that caliber, etc). So I think value the extra color and resolution too more than just some smoother FPS gameplay.

Since I pretty much am completely ignorant on how monitor prices work, I'm scared I might make a mistake and buy a monitor that will price drop like a month later.

The only reason I was willing to drop $300 on a monitor was because I thought it also had as good graphical quality as the 60Hz monitors, now that I see it's different. I'm not sure what to buy, I don't want to spend that much money (pref lower than $150) and now I have no idea what budget monitors are the best.

I'm completely lost now X.X

Thanks for the feedback/review, it gave me a better understanding of my choice between monitors.

Yeah I just realized the color would be much worse. I don't think I want to make that compromise for extra smoothness, especially because it will be so expensive.

If I wasn't like almost broke after buying my parts today heres the build btw if you're interested

I would have gone with your recommendation for the BenQ but now I'm trying to look for any suggestions for a 60Hz monitor since I mean the price for smoothness doesn't seem that much worth it to me.

Definitely not a bad choice going for a 60hz panel with better colors. I preferred the 144hz because I'm stupidly competitive but I would love IPS colors. Some good manufactures are LG, Asus, Acer, AOC and Samsung. This Asus is really a steal right now: It's one of Asus's PA branded panels which means it is not only an IPS panel with amazing color, but it is color calibrated to be as close to perfect as possible. The panel is 10 bit which is already higher then the 8 bit found on most TN panels, but Asus is using a 12 bit look up table which means that for the few colors that have to be approximated are as close to the non-approximated versions as possible. All this means, its extremely color accurate with a huge range of accurate colors far beyond whats possible with TN panels and inferior IPS panels. And for $180, it really is a steal. Just last week I was looking into it for $230 which was an incredible price at the time.      

Ahhh sorry I forgot to mention I live in Canada so that deal doesn't work for me NOOOOO :(

I think you save enough in health insurance costs to afford that one in Canada xD All jokes aside there are some good alternatives although not with all the same fancy features the Asus has. This LG is pretty good:

What about this one?

Can you add me on steam? lol @ soakedlol

That monitor is actually a TN panel so no amazing colors that are on IPS. Also my steam is broken right now so once I fix it I will if i remember xD

omg why is finding a good deal on a monitor so hard lol, well do you have skype or something? kind of feels excessive posting like this.

I don't have much that I can currently use. Letting my little brother use your computer unsupervised was a bad idea. Virus scans out the ass xD Really I'd go for that monitor or a similar LG / Asus panel. Sorry to go but my head is killing me. Too much christmas sugary stuff...