Help me check everything before I buy

I'm about ready to buy computer parts for my first build, and I was curious if the community can find issues with it.

I'm also on a budget of $650, so if you think i could go cheaper with any of the parts I would appreciate it. 

Other things I want mention:

  • I already have a keyboard, mouse, monitor and a copy of windows 7
  • I live in the united states
  • I prefer to buy from newegg or amazon
  • Games that I would like to play on this build would be bioshock: infinite, the witcher, and skyrim on medium or high settings.

Switch that PSU out forc a Lepa G650, and you're set!

Also, for the love of god, spend the extra $10 on the 6350.

If you can throw up an extra 20-30 dollars get this. It will be a beast.

Thanks you two for jumping in and helping me :) 

Updated list:

Also, I was thinking about playing the long game and upgrading my parts over time. So i'm asking if this would handle something like a 8350 and a 7970? (i'll most likely have to get a new psu)

A 650W PSU will handle an 8350 and a 7970 perfectly fine. I personally have a 6350 and a 7970 and it runs perfectly fine on a 600W PSU.

Wrong PSU; I'm talking about the Lepa G650, which is 80+ Gold.

Try going for at least a 7790 if you plan on gaming.


Played around with the specs a little.

PSU is alright.

Matter of fact you're still 50$ under your budget, and giving it straight to the CPU make you save 1xx$ at the end of the road.

Tinkered around with your suggestions, and landed right on my budget.