Help me build with this tight catalog?

So, I want to build a PC. Now i wont be dealing in dollars, since im abroad. Anyway Im in Sri Lanka, And im able to spend 70,000 Sri Lankan Rupees. Now here's the catalog. Thats the local shop with the best prices (very expensive to your'll) Build an optimum PC within that price range someone? Please? And ill be buying the AOC E960Sw 18.5" LED backlit monitor Which is 11,500 Rupees, so count that aswell.
Key board and mouse not nevessary.

Thanks :)


There is very few options for you guys over there in Sri Lanka,so we will build you a nice solid intro build!

CPU: Pentium G645: $8500R

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2P-B3 : $8000R

Graphics card: PowerColor Radeon HD 7770 1GB DDR5: $22500R

Power Supply: Corsair CX430 v2 430W 80+ : $8000R

Memory: Corsair ValueSelect 2GB 1333 Mhz DDR3 stick(two of these): $4000R

Internal HArd Drive : WD Caviar Blue 500GB 7200RPM SATA 6GBPS: $9000R

THe case is completely up to you Ridwansameer, buy whichever you like as your motherboard is a M-atx and it will fit in just about everything short of a ITX specific case. The list without the case is about 60000 rupees, Here is a benchmark of how the HD7770 does in games. It is a nice little system!

Ahh you forgot to factor in the monitor, which comes to 11500 Rupees, So what i did was removed your power supply, and instead use a case + Power supply combo which costs 8000 (Coolermaster Elite 334 + 400W PSU).. Which still comes to around 71500 :o

Nice! Just make sure the power supply comes with a PCI-e 6 pin connector and you are ready to do some gaming!

Still 70000 is quite alot haha :P But thanks for all the help.
Do you think i can run games.. like.. lets say battlefield 3 as a benchmark game.. at high? on a 1366x768 monitor? With the G640 and the 7770 combo? 

The HD7770 can do high quality at that resolution in BF3 yes, look at the benchmark link i posted, you can see BF3 there and its fps at various resolutions. The G640 is the only restriction you have, a i5 is highly recomended for BF3 especially in multiplayer mode for solid gameplay. The only issue is ofcourse, the budget, the i5 would mean you would lose your HD7770 and have to get a much lower end graphics card. THe shop you linked is really limited in options, for your budget a AMD system would give you more for your rupees, is there any other shop around that you can purchase from?


Here is a video of a G620 which is a bit slower clock speeds then your G640 playing bf3 on ultra at your resolution.

And that is using the HD 6750.. The 7770 is better right? :)
And no i cant find any AMD, the thing with this shop is that they have most parts, so you choose parts, theyll assemble it and give it to you.
And btw AMD CPU's require special motherboards right? So if i am to upgrade to a intel in the future that might hinder my upgradability? And the G620 is also lower end, so  the quoted system should perform better?

Iam sorry i swear it said 7770 on the title, my apoligies for that. Yes the 7770 is stronger then the 6750 by a good bit, AMD cpu's require different motherboards then intel. The H61 motherboard will support all the new ivy bridge intels if you want to upgrade the cpu later, you will need to update the bios of the board to the lastest version. Your system will perform better then the one in the video for sure, for the money and the available parts, it is the best i could come up with.

Thanks mate.
still 70k is a bit off budget, but ill see what i cna scrape up.
thanks for the help mate :)