Help me build my pc

hello I am new to the forum and wanted to ask you guys a quetion:

what wuld you buy :

amd fx 6100,saphire 7870 ghz ed,asrock 970 extream 4,oxz modxtream 500w psu,tt comander 3 case,a cheap dvd burner, and a wd caviar blue 500 gb 7200 rpm drive, kingstone hyper x 4gb 1600mhz ram

or shuld i get a fx 4300

pls dont start with go with intel because here where i live its a bit difrent.

a i5 3570k i almost 300 bucks -.-   and a z77 board is 110  bucks so on and it ends up waaaaay out of my reach,The only thing i might save up for is a z77 board with a i5 3350p but that wuld be silly, and still be way more expencive than the amd rig, eaven with a 7850 insted of a 7870...

i culd give you guys the site where i will buy evrything, and yes it is the cheapest site that i trust in my countri (croatia),and you culd try to make a pc there but keep in mind i have max of 4800-4900 kn(800/830) dolars. have fun...

thank you very much


Well, most games run well with quad-core, and Vishera has 7% performance due to IPC... if you aren't overclocking, go for the FX-4300. If you are, you can get a better deal with the FX-6100.

As for the GPU, I'd go with the 7870 Tahiti LE. Its the same price as the 7870, but a bit faster since it's based on Tahiti LE (trimmed 7950).

Also, if you are overclocking, I'd go for a 600w+ PSU, though you get away with 550 if money is tight. Both of those PSU's have a single 12v rail.

Jerm basically has it right. I'd suggest AMD over Intel for a build like this anyway. An FX 6100 or 6300 with a tahiti le sounds kinda dreamy..

i am probbly getting the fx 6300 with the card you adviced, and oh btw i am planing to mostly play games maybe a bit of video editing but not much, and yes i am planing to oc :P

i wil probbly buy something like a xigmatek dark knight or something like that :D

Sounds like you are on the right track. Do insure you go for a quality 80+ Bronze power supply as there is nothing worse than putting a crappy supply in a Roles Royce.

i will put in a fortron raider 550w power suply its 80+ bronze so it shuld hold the sistem nice i guess. idk if its worth spending the extra 35 dollars for the 6300 over the 6100 and how good the mbo will be for oc-ing

This is what I used for my second build and I got the idea from one of Logan’s videos. He said it is very over clockable although personally I have not done any over clocking with it myself yet. I can say it is a very stable system and I like it a lot.

Cooler Master 922 case, Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 motherboard, AMD FX 6300 CPU,and G Skill 16,GB (2X8) 1600 RAM.