Help me build a pc. need a mobo

desired features that im looking for:

intel 2011v3 compatibility
preferably out of the box support for the new cpu such as the i7-6850K or i7-6900K

at least 1x : fast m.2 slot for my main C: drive
i was thinking of using
Samsung 950 PRO m.2 ssd 512gb unless you guys know of something better
? does raiding 2 units make any actual "Tangible" difference for windows and gaming ?

at least 1x USB 3.1 Type C because id like to use that in the future in case something really neat comes along, i don't wanna have to go buy an add-in card

i am playing with the idea of getting a new power supply
but my 850AE gold is working fine still

i need to hunt down the mounting hardware for 2011v3 for my swifttech apogee xl

i dont intend to spend an arm and a leg all at once with the ram
but id prefer to use 16gb sticks, to max the system out over time 64-128gb
??what are good speeds and timings on ddr4??

sofar my general idea is something similar to this
Total: $1768.95
Note: No Type C connector
Note: Only one M.2 slot

so, id have to choose between usb type c or dual m.2 hmm.

for some reason ive always been sorta scared of southbridge heatsinks that had active fans on them

does that make me strange?

I know workstation boards that have two fans on the southbridgey thing.
Hey, I am scared of PSUs that are named after exploding stars. You are good.

Isn´t that the board? (edit: Nope, it is the even more workstation edition)

YEAH but $800 usd!

yeah, id probably lok out for a system named like wildfire or volcano ect
i dont want that in my house...

i want like iceberg or avalanche or something

this but iin x99999999
Gigabyte LGA1151 Intel Z170 ATX EATX DDR4 Motherboard GA-Z170X-SOC FORCE

even at half the price of that awesome mobo wendel reviewed
400 usd is still pretty nuts for a mobo

3.1 Front panel and less features to break down.

see, thats a really sexy looking mobo

i was really being drawn to a 6 -8 core cpu this build tho

ive never owned a really top tier gpu,
so this build i was going to sorta splurge on some of the extras
like a $900-$1000 usd cpu and a 1080ti

that one dont look too bad
i really do like the look of those metal reinforced pci slots on the gigabyte and asus mobos tho

I am planning on building a new rig at the end of this year or beginning next year. So, this is a waiting game for me (AMD, give me Zen allready in exchange for Euros).

You are going high-end, interesting. You might want to sleep over the mainboard then.
Metal reinforcements were not needed for over 20 years, why now?
On the 1080ti: After the performance difference between the 980ti and TitanX, I would say the 1080ti would not be worth it. Apart from that I do not even believe there will be one until the end of this year.

bb... but they LOOK SEXY...
this looks nice too,
i sorta like the idea from asrock with that one internal usb on the mobo,
thad be perfect for my steam controller usb dongle

Glad you are not spending my money.
My overall idea for my new build is this:

That is one sexy black board!

sofar my general idea is something similar to this
Total: $1768.95

And I thought I had expensive dreams...

same thing but the 6 core instead of the 8
Total: $1306.96

is there a method of determining how many pci lanes that your build will use?
i was thinking ,
one or two m.2 sata chips
and one or two gtx 1080ti for 4k 60fps

MOST LIKELY just one m.2 and one gtx 1080ti tho

other than that , really thats the MOST this build will EVER POSSIBLY use
i intend to take ALL NON ssd storage and place it on network

Intel is expensive! Holy smokes!
You just helped me decide that I want AMD again...

m.2 will be 4 lanes
GPUs only need 8
TOTAL: 24 lanes

8x lanes each ?
arn't they labeled as PCI Express 3.0 16x and 32x ?

the reason i wanna go a little bigger on the cpu, is twofold
1, i Really like larger numbers....
2, this 2500k has served me well for like 5 years now
the next cpu i wanna keep usefull for the next 5-10 years and im worried that itll be a shorter lifespan with the new dx 12 and better multithreading and stuff coming so rapidly

I have never seen a GPU max out PCI-e 3.0 8x slots (PCI-e 2.0 16x).

1) I am with you on that one (not simulation times though, make them as small as possible)
2) I am on an FX-8320 at 4GHz right now. I think I am good until Zen, after that...
Games are only beginning on going multithread but even then it is just a bit slow.

even the cheaper 6 core with only 28 lanes should do my job....
all i really do is NOTHING
occasional gaming and movie watching....

Total: $1098.95
that price is obviously much more palpable ....
but then im shrinking all the features that i dont neeeeeed but waaant because im a whiny little bitch....

slower cheapass end ram is only like $114 2x16gb

my only issue is,
if the mobo i choose, needs a bios update before it will work on the broadwellE then i am screwed

I know that nothing part all too well. Could write a Blog about me doing nothing (and waste other peoples time with my time). I was writing a story on Wattpad, started a new one, went back to the first all while playing games at times and watching movies and videos. If that is what gaming is like today, those AnimalFarm guys are gamers aswell.

If Corsair´s LPX is anything like the LP series, it is good.

Then avoid Gigabyte boards. I had so much issues on the software side of things that I would never ever get or recommend any board from them.

Funny side note: I am listening to soundtracks now. Why watch a movie when you can listen to the soundtrack and imagine your own movie?

ok. where gee?
how much...



i just need to decide on a motherboard.....

my build is looking like this
with the cheap 6core


like this
with that expensive 8 core

it seems paying more than an extra $700 usd for only 2 more cpu cores and 4 threads
seems reallllly dumb
especially when you think,
$700 will be that gtx 1080 or like 80% or the 1080ti when it comes out...