Help me build a "gaming" laptop?

So I basically have a small 650$ budget...trying to build a laptop using a barebone shell.


here are my questions.

  • I cant find any place that looks legit for barebone laptops.
  • Trying to figure out if the motherboard would support GPU or SLI etc because they seem to lack descriptions.



I would like the computer to have 

  • 8 GB 1600 RAM (I already have that)
  • A CPU with either i5, i7, or A10-5750
  • A GPU with at least 2 gb of ram. If the processor is fast maybe one with gddr5.
  1. (If AMD ill probably go with something similar to AMD Radeon HD 8670M 2GB and crossfire...or better.)
  2. (If intel ill probably go with something like NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M or better...)
  • A motherboard that allows for overclocking. (ive read articles that overclockable portable boards arent that hard to find, I just dont know how to identify them)
  • 1tb HDD (dont really care about  ssd cuz once there loaded your done, and it's for gaming)
  • Resolution I can deal with 720 but i would rather have 1080.

If anyone is smart enough to not say "you can't, your stupid", I would love your help. I keep seeing BIY gaming laptop builds all over google. I just don't know what site to trust.

Thanks for your help you guys

I have never heard of actually building one your self at home, but there are a few website that do offer customising of the parts inside. Like choosing your CPU, GPU and RAM. So it can be had sort of.

Depends on what you mean. If you want to buy a customised one there are places to do it but I have no experience in it so I will only post the one I know of be it good or bad.

But more to the point why do you want a gaming laptop? Once it goes out of date, and they tend to do that pretty quickly, they are done for. No upgrading like a desktop.

If you only want it for gaming get a desktop, if you want portability get a cheap lap top and a desktop for gaming. You can game on a laptop just fine but they get old fast and generally have more drawbacks than positives.


EDIT: The 740M is also pretty low down the ranks for a gaming laptop, the out of date issue will hit you like a ton of bricks with one. You really quality gaming laptop you are looking at a GTX 770m or equivalent or the GTX 780m to be going anywhere near a decent life expectancy assuming you want modern games from this and last year.

While you probably can overclock a laptop I would not. As standard they are very hot and not in a sort of warm fuzzy feeling either. Hot to the touch and over clocking will only drive that higher. There is very little available space in a laptop for cooling and they are usually engineered to a limit. You have probably seen the cooling a desktop CPU needs to overclock even okay so you will never get anything like that in a laptop it simply won't happen. So you probably can but it would be a bad idea.

If you really wanted to you would be looking at something that has a Desktop CPU in it anyway but then you are talking portable workstation and they are so heavy it is not really feasable to move regularly and you are back at getting a desktop.

Also the GPUs in general cannot be upgraded in a laptop, they are part of the motherboard, soldered on and non upgradable so if you really want that again desktop.


Sorry to rain on your parade so much, what you want can be had, but you sound like you would be better served by a desktop.

If you have reasons by all means post them, it will better shape what is recommended to you. 

ya thats why I wanted to build one. Because if i use the correct mother board I would be able to upgrade cpu or gpu as need be and update the software. Some motherboards even support dual gpu on sli connections. and as for the amd side, as long as i stick to the APU, upgrading is apparently fairly easy to do. 

But my main problem is getting an open mother board with an open bios so I can update shit when I do change cpu's. really kind of annoying...

Also I dont think ill be able to afford a laptop with a GPU with that caliber GTX 780 because of my budget...

The problem with this is that most if not all laptop mtherboards that have dedicated graphics have the chip soldered to the board so there us no way to upgrade the graphics after the fact. And a lot of current laptop motherboards do have an actual socket for the CPU, but yes you can't really change it because of the bios and Windows won't like it either if you change a part. 

ah...Did not know that. I need to check to source of these articles I read. Thanks again

I get what you are doing now. I have never heard that being done but by the same token I have never looked. The problem you have instantly is that custom motherboards are monstrously expensive talking 6 figure sums and in bulk of around a few hundred boards.

Now custom motherboards for one off projectsblike you are looking for do not exist.

Slightly less rare but also stupidly rare are motherboards that can accept a discrete graphics cards. Rarer still are GPUs that that are generic enough to add on to laptop motherboards. Almost all the connectors are smaller and ribbon type. 

So now you have 3 problems. And it just the very beginning of your problems.

Worst of all is you case issues. On the fantastically rare case you fulfil all of the above unlikely requirements you will then need a very VERY custom case to house it all. Probably protyped from solid billet aluminium.

So once again yes you probably can do everything you want but a desktop is so much easier. And cheaper. AND way more powerful.


Sorry man what you want is not available for less that several thousand.

Youbalsi said you have the RAM already. What is it. Do you have a link to the product? Just checking up on the specifics.

If you still wanna choose your parts I have heard of barebone notebooks, Asus did one and Msi has a few platforms to choose from. dunno if this will fufill your criteria.

Does the form factor have to be a laptop, or could you do something like an all in one, or a M-Itx build? Hell you might be able to make an m-itx with a screen attached to it if you are adventuresome.  

It's just 1600mhz dual Chanel ram 2x4

No its gotta be portable. School and gaming. Mostly gaming though

Actually this link helped a lot. Thanks for that. Just figured out how to use it ha. 

Good to hear, I have thought about doing a Barebones laptop before but it never made sense for my lifestyle. There might be other manufactures out there that do bare-bones but they don't advertise it much if they do.


Check out "Clevo" its the company that makes my Sager laptop and they make "barebones" laptops I suppose. Or atleast they make laptop chassis that other companies rebrand and populate with parts. I don't know if your average joe can just call them up and order a laptop with only a motherboard, battery, and the like but its worth a look... 

Yes but specs of it? A link to where you bought it or who makes it? Model numbers?