Help me build a computer for 1000+400(Peripherals)

I'm looking to play some real next-gen games and get decent fps at 1080p on games like Battlefield 4, Farcry 3 and Crysis 3. I plan on over clocking the CPU and possibly the GPU. I'm gonna pirate Windows 7 to save some cash. In the future I want to add another graphics card so I probably need a higher wattage power supply.

The parts list.

Let me know if I can make some improvements. I kinda want a case with a handle for easy travel but, the arc midi is fucking righteous. If I could save money in places and put more cash towards the graphics card that would be sweet.

I changed out the 760 for a 7950, because the 7950 could be overclocked to be at or near 770 standards and i also changed the psu you put in. The xfx 650w is more than enough for two 7950's (Given that both the 7950's are not heavily overclocked). What also helps keep the power usage down is that you chose a Haswell chip. Haswell Cpu's use very little power compared to other cpu's. 

I like the 7950 but I kind of want a nvidia GPU so that in the future I can get a G-Sync monitor. Otherwise that looks like some solid changes.


Looks pretty good.  Save some money on a cheaper SSD:

Also, take a look at the HD 7950.  The Sapphire one is around 170 after MIR right now(albeit out of stock), and they have performance that is equivalent to the GTX 760.

Excellent. I can save some cash for games.