Help Me Build A Computer? $2000 budget

TItle is pretty much self explanatory. I'll be using this rig for mostly gaming but I do a lot of programming and game development and all that jazz. I also might do some video editting but not enough to really justify getting an nVidia card(the only one that I would really want to get is the EVGA 680 classified edition just because I like how it looks). I really want it to be a high end build since its a graduation present from my parents. I would also like to overclock it and the hyperthreading of an i7 sounds great. Also, I already have an operating system and 2 TB of hard drive space so all I would need is an SSD. I also have a spare optical drive somewhere. I already have a couple ideas in mind for a build but I want to get you guys' opinions before I purchase anything.

I would go with X79 for multi-card setups. Dual 7950s will be much better than a single 680 2GB or 4GB; I made the mistake of going for the top-of-the-line EVGA 680 4GB, which cost about the same as 7950 CF. 7950CF will be far superior to a single 680, plus, it gives you the option to mine Bitcoins, Litecoins, etc. in the future. The 3820 may not be fully unlocked, you can overclock to 4.6gHz pretty easily. The Phanteks PH-TC12DX, with the Corsair SP120 fans, will look great and handle that OC nice and cool. For two 7950s, no more than 750W will ever be needed. 16GB of RAM is plenty; that G.SKILL Sniper looks great, and performs well. 128GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD (fastest consumer SSD on the market) and 2TB Seagate SV35.5 7200 RPM HDD; solid combo. The case is more opinionated, but the 650D is one of the best built and best looking cases, especially for that price. Should be a pretty solid rig; if you have any questions, ask me :)

don't use a multi card setup EVER, and especially not amd multicard they are even worse than nvidia multicard. They are terrible and don't scale well. If anything just get a bigger ssd. x79 is a good choice for a 2k build though.

i made this Intel build

i think this will please you well at every task you wanne use it for. i add a GTX780 the fasted clocked one in the build cause it fits in the budget, ofc it could be overkill.

Grtz Angel ☺

I would do this build. Drop the parts you already have get a 256gb ssd and switch the 780 to the one with the ACX cooler. It can take wins from the Titan out of the box and overclocks well.

I'll postm y ideas up in a bit

Thanks for mention i did not read that he allready has an 2TB hdd, so i schwimpt it off the list, and put in a bigger ssd.