Help Me Build 700$ Gaming Pc

Okay I know you guys aren't friendly to noobs to pc from console but I picked out some parts but the final price  came out around 1,000. Keep in mind I don't know what the hell I'm doing so if you please show some guidance , that would be great. But yeah my budget is 700$-800$ MAX so please. I'm going to have this computer for 4 years so I will be doing gradual updates to it. Okay heres a link to what I would like my case to be everything was just randomly put on with no consent

Mhm well here is something I threw together before seeing this thread. The R9 290s are probably the best value for money right now without a doubt, unfortunately they don't have non-reference coolers yet (which are much better and usually don't really add much to the price of the card), also as far as reference coolers go this one isnt that good so don't expect much interms of noise. Saying that there are aftermarket options available, and that could be part of your future upgrade, same with improving CPU cooling so that they can both be overclocked.

You will want to put alot of your money into the graphics card as that is what gives the most value for dollar, just get some cost effective 1600MHZ ram but be carefull if you are going to aircool that the ram doesnt have a big heatsink that won't fit underneath the cooler. In terms of CPUs AMD is probably best value for money and has the performance you need. Also you will need a decent storage drive, I recommend at least 1TB, especially since some games like the new COD are like 40GB each.

We're not mean to console guys.  We just like to think that we're superior :3.  Since you're new, I'll give you my dose of knowledge.

For $700, I would advise going with AMD.  Intel is expensive; noone can argue against it.

CPU: AMD FX-8350 4.0GHz 8-Core Processor.  Although not as powerful if you compare core-to-core with Intel's i5, this is more powerful in multi-threaded applications.  As games begin to optimize for more cores(Battlefield 4 for example, can use all 8 cores), the performance will be quite similar to an i5 at a lower price, and is also better in productivity.

MoBo: Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 ATX AM3+ Motherboard.  This motherboard has a very nice chipset.  This allows for you to run 2 graphics cards at once(known as Crossfire for AMD cards, and SLI for nVidia cards).  The motherboard has something called VRMs, which are basically the voltage regulators.  The ones on this motherboard are digital, and are of high quality.  This type of motherboard can handle the power-hungry FX-8350 CPU.

RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory.  8 gigabytes is fine for today's games.  You can always buy an identical kit if you wish to upgrade.  Try to purchase the same memory kit if possible.  If you look at the numbers after DDR3-, you see 1600.  In simple terms, this is the clock speed of the RAM.  In general, the higher the better, but if you're not using the graphics inside of the CPU(FX series doesn't have any, but Intels and A-series do), anything around 1600mhz will work perfectly.  I recommend 1600mhz ram as if you go up in clock speeds, it is harder to upgrade the ram if you want to just add.  Mixing and matching RAM kits with clock speeds higher than 1600mhz have a tendency to not work or run at looser timings and clock speeds.

HDD: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive.  This will be your main storage drive.  At this budget, I wouldn't recommend an SSD as they are too expensive at the moment to be a viable storage option.  7200RPM is fast enough to live with, and 1TB is probably more than you'll ever need

GPU: MSI Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition 2GB Video Card.  This card is great if you're gaming on a 1080p monitor.  The build I'm explaining here allows you to be able to purchase another one of these in the future and run them together.  You will often find a much higher FPS in games when you run two of these together(obviously).  If you are willing to spend a bit more or wait for a good sale, you might be able to get a HD 7950 for around 200-220 dollars.  The HD 7950 would be a good option also, and is quite a stronger card.

Case: NZXT Source 210 Window ATX Mid Tower Case.  If you don't care about the window, you can always get the non-windowed version for 30 bucks or so.  This case is a great budget case, and with a window you can see your parts you put together :D.  The layout and airflow in this case is pretty good.  I would suggest picking up another fan as these Source 210 only come with one fan.  Any 120mm case fan should do.  Put this blowing air inward in the front of the case.

PSU: Corsair Builder 750W 80 PLUS Bronze Certified ATX12V / EPS12V Power Supply.  This power supply is plenty to run two HD 7970s or GTX 780s(nVidia's card on the high-end).  You can carry this from system to system and probably not have to upgrade it.  It's relatively efficient, having a 80+ Bronze certification.

I assumed you weren't going to be overclocking, as you were coming from the console market.  If you ever feel like you want to overclock your CPU (now or later), I would advise that you pick up a third party cooler.  The stock cooler that comes with your CPU was made to cool your CPU at stock speeds.  One of the best budget coolers right now is the Hyper 212+ or Hyper 212 EVO.  Find whatever's cheaper, as the performance difference between them is slim.  At around 30 dollars each, they'll cool your CPU really well and can often outperform some of the simple water cooling CPU kits out there.

The GPU I picked has dual fans for a little bit better cooling.  You can overclock your GPU quite easily, and a quick google search should help you get on your way.

For the operating system, you can either borrow a existing disc from a friend(assuming you're going to be using windows), or torrent Windows 7.  If you have an 8GB flash drive, you can install it through there.  If you don't have a flash drive, you can always buy one or purchase an inexpensive ~$12 DvD reader/writer for your computer.  The cheapest Lite-On, Samsung, or LG drive will be just fine.

Some upgrades you can make:

Second GPU or a stronger single GPU

SSD:  Solid state drives are FAST.  The Kingston V300 is a decent budget drive.  Samsung's 840/840 PRO series, Corsair's Neutrons, Adata Premiere Pros, are some good drives.  I would suggest getting at least 128GB to put your operating system and commonly used programs on.  Putting your OS makes your boot times extremely quick, and the programs on here will launch quickly.

Hoped this post helped :).  Welcome to the PC world :D

A few things for you to learn. =] will show you your system requirement for wattage up in the right upper corner the build you posted is 418. So the PSU is a bit over kill I would go somewhere around 550 for that build (you need some headroom, although not a lot.) People will argue some will say 10% some will say more, some will say leave room for an extra graphics card. I say get what makes sense financially and you will be comfortable with. 

With case, try and stretch your money. I wouldn't go more than $40-$50 just because it's not necessary.

For the storage, I think you'll want a storage drive like a 1-3 TB HDD. The SSD is fantastic for your OS and a few applications, but it's not gonna hold all your games, movies, music, photos, etc. Are you going to use Linux/SteamOS or do you need a copy of windows? Also what do you plan on doing with your machine? Game, edit photos, right code. 

We'll take care of you though and point you out to some resources that can help. If you haven't already done it check out this video:


If you have any other questions, I'll be happy to help.

What about a build using a Intel Core i5-3570K 

Getting an i5 at your budget would mean skimping on the most important component-your gpu.AMD would be better,really.Here's a sample build

Look what I made :D

You don't really need 1866 RAM 1600 would be just fine and you could shave $30 off by switching to something like this:, that is assuming that you don't need the increased speeds for things like renderings and video editing.

You asked for an Intel build, so I did my best.  Has CrossFire/SLI upgradeablity, i5-3570k, 8GB RAM, and an HD 7870.

The GTX 760 is stronger, though.