Help! Looking which phone should I upgrade?

Alright, So I'm on A&TT 2 year contract with my HTC One M7, Now my parent told me I'm able to upgrade. I would stick to the HTC i have now but my HTC has the purple tint issue in the camera. It cause all the shot to have part or all the of picture to have a purple tint. I may not be a huge camera person but i would like my camera to be good. So I was thinking either all the choices i have in the att selection which phone i should get. I was thinking about the htc one m9 but the phone doesn't really sound appealing since it still struggling with it camera.
The type of phone i like.
Battery: Anything that will get me through the day with social media and texting and 4g on.
Camera: Good camera.
OS: Android
Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated

If you still want to get a new phone and a good camera is a must, You can't look past the Sony Xperia Z3. Also i would recommend looking into getting cyanogenmod and then getting the offical sony camera API.

There's no reason to upgrade a two year old phone.

The m9 is a solid phone

Does the Sony Xperia Z3 work with A&tt

You can unlock it to work on at&t. I think the m9 is a bloody good phone, but if you are keen on a really top notch good camera, the sony edges it out.

Check out the Moto X2.