Help learning a language (or 3)

I would like to learn three different languages, C++, Japanese, and I'm still unsure of the third.

Can you guys help direct me to some online resources to learn these languages, and suggest a third language?

I know that help with learning Japanese doesn't really belong here but I can't find all that much on it.

I am doing this as I have a whole load of time to kill, around 6 hours a day I can do absolutely nothing with, other than League of legends.This probably won't change for at least five years, so that's around 3650 hours total I can put into learning each language

Any help is very greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

So, when learning languages. You don't want to over burden yourself. 2 Languages is plenty. Japanese isn't exactly a programming language so google will be a good friend. Tho, if you can get your hands on rosettastone, I checked out the German part and it seems quite accurate to what I have learned from formal education so they seem reliable. For C++ see the "How to start programming" post I made and there is a tutorial on it there.

Thanks for the reply, can you link me to your post? I know this sounds really stupid but i can't seem to find it

Three languages won't be too big a burden I have a load of time that needs to be slain. I'll see what I can do about the rosettastone


Psch, you can program in Japanese! Get your facts straight. I made a whole game using Katakana ;)


(I'm speaking out of my ass, to anyone who doesn't realize that)

It's the sticky at the top of the Code forum.

That is the one place I didn't look, thank you.

Any ideas for a third language?

Why 3? Focus a lot on C++ instead of half-assing C++ and some other language. Stay devoted to C++, and it will take you far. My favorite language, for general application development and game development. For networking, ehh, not the best, but still very capable with libraries.