Help! Is This PSU Good for My First Build?

I plan on overclocking quite a bit.

I want a reasonably priced future proof gaming PC. ( I plan on buying on the Newegg black friday sale)

If you have any suggestions please post them below.

Thank you!


Maybe probably definately.

hmmmmm okay

Updated Psu with something more powerfull and I still need help

you'll reach the limit of your cpu and gpu overclocking before you'll reach your powersupply limit. so many people go out and buy 1000w psu's for their systems that realistically only use 400w at Uber loads. the one you picked will be perfectly fine and will still have lots of headroom, probably will only use around 60%-70% of the psu's rated output at full load and at that load will make the psu run as efficiently as possible :)

Hey thanks for the reply and the advice

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Get this one. Highly reccomended by Tek Syndicate, Logan in particular.

Get it while it lasts. They are being discontinued. Too quality of a PSU for the cheap price. NZXT makes top of the line BEST PSUs along with SeaSonic. Either or are great. Make sure to get Modular.  

"I plan on overclocking quite a bit.

I want a reasonably priced future proof gaming PC."


850W suits his needs perfectly. 


your going to need a regular hard drive for data, I suggest a western digital blue or black, size is up to you...

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dude, 850 wats is serious overkill for his build....

i thought there was hope for you....

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850W is overkill but if he has the money to spend it's some of the best deals you can get for that high a wattage. I obviously didn't explain myself, but spending $120 on a PSU instead of $80 and never having to worry about upgrades blowing out your PSU etc. is the best option. 

It will be a big LOL when a 650W supply isn't enough 1-3 years from now. And it will be an even bigger one when purchasing anything other than Seasonic, Corsair, or NZXT winds up frying your entire build. Go with quality and forget it if it's overkill. It's the one part that's worth the piece of mind. 

do you even read anything anyone else posts here? quite a few other manufactuers use seasonic innards int their psu's... such as xfx....

all ready got one but thanks ;)

Cr8zycanuck you should probably watch this. Sums it up around 9:30, but watch the whole video.



I would suggest plugging your hardware into this site: It will calculate the PSU requirements for you.