Help Installing Paranoid Android

I've recently rooted my phone, it's a Nexus 4, and have installed a custom recovery. I want to install paranoid android onto my nexus 4. So I went to the Paranoid Android Forum on XDA and found this:

However I see that you have to flash a bootloader and a radio, as well as it is buggy with custom kernels.

What I'm looking for is the latest version of Paranoid android that will work with a phone that's running android 4.3, doesn't require you to flash a bootloader or any radios,and has HALO.

So I found this link: Is this the version that I'm looking for? 

It doesn't say anything about being buggy or not working with custom kernels, it says 4.3 in the title. The installation process doesn't say anything but to do a factory reset and wipe the cache. However the direct download link is down and you have to download from, and I found this

this is the only 3.99 download on the website, is this the one I'm looking for? The one that is described in the website? If I downloaded this would all I need to do is wipe the data and cache then flash it? No bootloaders or radios? and will it work with custom kernels, such as franco?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, I am new to rooting,flashing,etc  Is this the version that I'm looking for?

No, it's for the other nexus.


If you are on stock 4.3, just wipe, install PA and gapps and you're good to go.

But for the latest version it says you need to flash the radios and a bootloader...

They are the same as in latest 4.3 stock rom, you can check versions in about menu.

I found the baseband version in about phone, but where do I check my bootloader?

As I said, if you have stock 4.3, you have everything up to date. I'm running PA 3.99 and I didn't flash modem or bootloader.