Help in reducing laptop temperature


I own a Clevo N550RC and recently I noticed that the laptop is quite hot when gaming.
It has an i7-6700HQ with Nvidia GTX 950m and the highest I ever saw the temperature was reaching 90°C on one of the sensors, and the cores were at 80°C+ with the GPU at 70°C+. Is this laptop temperature okay or should I do something about it. I use a Cooler Master X3 with it.
There are some ways in this article to improve the temperature of the notebook by replacing the thermal paste, do you know if it is useful?
Please advice.

underclock and undervolt it as your software/bios allows.


do as tkoham said, also regularly open the laptop to remove dust from the fan and after long time of usage check the thermal paste as mine had some very dry thermal paste after a year and half.and in my special case i live in a city that get really hot +45C and i live with no AC so in the summer no matter what my laptop still heat up so i bought a fan that can be placed under the laptop and is powered via usb and temps dropped 20C when i started using it.

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repasting like stated above, likely will give you better temps. Most of the time its done by either machines or machine like humans - i.e. badly applied paste, and poor quality of it. You can also hack your cooling fans, or replace them with a hack of a fan.

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Dedust and possibly repaste. After all it’s a 1.5yr old machine probably at this point, that’s about half of the typical 3yr lifecycle that most companies plan for, it’s due for light maintenance.

As others have stated above, these conditions on machines of about this age is cause by accumulated dust in the fan, dried thermal paste. If you are up for it, crack it open and have a look.

what everyone said before and you might think about reducing the temperature your running the hardware in , is your home like 80 degrees when you use your labtop , that might be part of it ?

like everybody said: clean your laptop and re-apply thermal paste on gpu / cpu