Help ID this connector please

There is a machine in work, old CNC, Kaltenbach, and it is forever something wrong.

This time we cant get the computer to talk to the com’s board.

We suspect it is the cable but its different from any I know.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Looks like a SCSI Cable


Thank you very much. It is before my time, never actually seen one before.

It’s indeed an SCSI cable, at least 37, probably a 50 pin version (didn’t count!). Difficult to find these days, probably quicker/easier/cheaper to get this one fixed by a specialist shop. Perhaps a specialist cable shop might be able to get you a new one if all else fails:


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Thankfully it is okay, the cable was not the problem, everything else on the machine is… Haha.

Thanks for the help.


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