Help I need your input for my upcoming build

I am looking to build a desktop similar to this configuration:

The prices are close to what I would pay per product. Saving around $300 to $400 on AmazonUS (and others) vs. pcpartpickers prices. I would like your input on what I have picked and whether or not to get something else. Especially if I am missing something.

Current Rig: (Corporate Owned Laptop - Lenovo ThinkPad T510 i5 m520 @ 2.4GHz | 4gb RAM | an unknown widely unsupported Graphics

What this desktop will be used for:

I am planning on using this as my workhorse for (productivity - Adobe CC (I use 3 displays for work flow currently - 2 1440 and one 1080) (only one 1440 for gaming). Going to use 6 displays eventually, at that point upgrading to multi-card in the future. A crap load of browser tabs open for analytics web services and excel/tableau sheets.

Gaming!!!! I can only play Trine 2 set on High with current laptop. I also have but can't play (elder scrolls, rise of the triad, thief, etc...) Elder Scrolls Online I can play with a some lag on medium. But its almost not worth it. The only reason I can even use this laptop for gaming is the fact that I was able to bypass the corporate admin required to dl and install lock.

I do a good bit of rendering and programming so I have stuff running constantly. I would really appreciate your advise.


If you plan on adding another 780ti, then that power supply is fine.

I'm not the greatest at 2011 builds, but that looks pretty beast.

^--- same computer, same performance, almost $500 shaved off it...

PSU's plenty to support it, you'll need more if you plan to SLI...

I see huge differences between us and ca. I am located within the US.

Drunken Panda - This is your suggested build. vs

This is even better.  vs

Should I swap anything else that might be unneeded? Or should I include something that will significantly improve performance? Thanks.