HELP I have 3 usb 2.0 connectors for case, mobo appears to only have 2 HELP

Guys I need help, my build is coming to a close ( ) but I can't seem to figure out this last part. My case has 4 usb 2.0's and an SD cardreader which apparently uses usb 2.0, yhe problem is from what I can tell my motherboard (Asus Maximus VI Hero) only has two sets of pins to plug into located on the bottom part of the board. Two of the usb leads have two cables running into them so I assume that they are both from the front panel usb. There's also one lead with only one cable which I assume is for the SD card reader. 

Again there are only two sets of pins on the mobo for usb 2.0 but I need three. Am I missing something or is there something I need to do or what? My motherboard did come with what appears to be an extensionfor usb 2.0 although I don't think it could be made into another port.

Thanks in advanced,

~ Emo

P.S. I'm 14 and this is my first build so Idon't know what every minute part is called :/

Can not find one but it would be a USB 2.0 head(er) splitter i guess and it should work find given that you can daisy chain USB

Yeah I confirmed in both manuals that those are the only ports and that I'll need to split if possible, although I don't know if I'll be able to because there are already two ports being linked in one of the connectors. Not a huge deal but would def like to fix if possible. 

Thanks for the early reply,

~ Emo