HELP! I dunno where to start! (Atari)

Ok, so here's the story: Right before my final semester of college, I was helping my mom get rid of some old stuff in our basement, when we came across a bit of a treasure: her and my dad's old Atari CX2600, with 2 boxes of games, all 4 of the controllers that came with it, instruction manual, all of the original equipment, etc. She didn't want it, so now I'm in possession of it. There's just one problem: I have a modern LCD TV, and I'm not sure how to hook it up to see if it works! The instruction manual is no help, as its from the days before RGB. Is there any way to attach this marvelous device to see if it works?

Is RCA so ancient now? Lol anyway you could try this.

if you take a picture of all the conectors on the tv, atari, and any dvd player/vrc/cable box/thingies you have i may be able to help (sometimes things get simpler when you route it through something like a vrc)

if it's so old it doesn't even have rca, then idk

He said it was before RGB, not RCA. According to this wikipedia page, it uses RCA connectors. But yeah if he has a vcr or dvd player that can handle the input that would be the best option. I was just assuming he didn't have these since I didn't in college. I actually had to buy a similar adaptor to what I linked earlier so I could use my N64.

Right you are. I have a blu-ray drive in my rig and a PS3 hooked up to my TV for all my DVD/Bluray needs, so owning a DVD player would just be redundant. As for a VCR, I think my mom still has one at her house, but that's 2 states away, so that's not really an option. However, I did some basic googling, and found a video on youtube talking about attaching an Atari 2600 to a modern TV and it suggested using an RCA female to coax male adapter. I tracked down an RCA to coax adapter at radioshack for about $5 that they have in stock at my local store, so I'm planning to pick it up on my way home from work tomorrow. Now, once I get cable, I'll have to come up with a plan B for connecting it, since my TV only has 1 coax in, but right now I'm looking forward to seeing if it works!

EDIT: I can't words correctly.

I feel ya, sometimes getting old technology to work with todays tech can feel like killing Rasputin.

I'm sorry, I know it's cheesey. I just couldn't help myself. 

Actually is not as simple as just a normal RCA audio video connection, the Atari had a RCA RF connector, the coaxial antenna input in your TV is where you have to plug the console.  Even back in the 80s most TVs did not had that connection, you needed a RF switch to plug it.

Or this little adapter.

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Go grab a old tv from ebay or craigslist there useualy giveing them away

Yes, an old tube TV... it's the way Atari was meant to be played.

I still have and old atari 400, The best thing is after all these years, it still works. No BSOD No RROD.

I also have a franklin 1200 plus computer aka apple 2 clone. That is still works  No BSOD No RRoD.

It Just works. It does not want to die.  LOL

Atari was awesome back in the day.  Now look at'em.  Just another bitchy publishing company.

I would recommend playing E.T if you have it. In my opinion it was one of the best atari 2600 games, even though a lot of people hate it. I love it :)

Thems are fightin words around AVGN lol.