Help i dont know what do do fx9590 should i keep it?

so my brother bought a fx9590 with a mother bored that doesn't support it (msi970) ... he didn't want to take anything back so i gave him my 8120 and now i have the 9590 with an ASUS ROG formula-V i currently have a hyper evo 212+ , here's my problem i know i cant cool this CPU with the evo so before i put it together should i buy a h100i or just take my CPU back from my brother and make him exchange the 9590 for the 8350?

(this all happend last night he brought the parts to me an thats when i realized he didnt research his build so we put his together with my cpu and now myn is currently torn apart with out a cpu)

(my build if i put it all together tonight)
Fx 9590 (CPU)
Cooler master hyper 212+ (Heatsink) (will be replaced with h100i if i keep th 9590)
Asus rog crosshair v formula z (MB)
Corsair vengence ddr3 4gb x2 (blue) (8gb RAM)
Gigabyte OC GV-R687OC-1GD Radeon HD 6870 (GPU)
Antec High Current Gamer Series HCG-900 900W (PSU)
ASUS Xonar Essence STX Sound card
5TB WD RED HDD & 500GB samsung evo SSD
(2 other HDDs 3.5")
[YES i know i needed a new GPU more then any thing but this was more so just to help my brother out]

my normal build
Fx 8120 bulldozer 8 core 3.1 Ghz-3.4 Ghz turbo(CPU)
Cooler master hyper 212+ (Heatsink)
Asus rog crosshair v formula z (MB)
Corsair vengence ddr3 4gb x2 (blue) (8gb RAM)
Gigabyte OC GV-R687OC-1GD Radeon HD 6870 (GPU)
Antec High Current Gamer Series HCG-900 900W (PSU)
ASUS Xonar Essence STX Sound card
5TB WD RED HDD & 500GB samsung evo SSD
(2 other HDDs 3.5")

his build
Fx 8120 bulldozer 8 core 3.1 Ghz-3.4 Ghz turbo(CPU) (was my cpu but he needed it bc his cpu wouldent work with his mb)
H100i watercooler
msi 970 gaming (MB)
Corsair vengence ddr3 4gb x2 (blue) (8gb RAM)
EVGA gtx 970 ti (GPU)
corsair 850m 850w (PSU)
2tb HDD

Get a bigger heatsink and be happy with it.
If you can fit something like the Noctua NH-D15 6 into your case, I would take that route instead of ading water to electronics.

i have the phantom 410 mid twr case i dont think that will fit and if i does itll be supper tight

Your brother getting the 8120 is fine. there won't be much of a problem on that motherboard. now in YOUR case with ASUS Maximus board. it supports the 9590. but don't put the Hyper 212 EVO on it. you need a massive heatsink or a water cooler to cool that.

yeah i will not be useing the 212 on the 9590 that much was understood before i wrote this =) thanks input tho

Well i would say let your brother return that FX9590.
Because honnestly with that FX8120 zambezi cpu which has an even worse per core performance and ipc then Vishera,
will bottleneck his GTX970 in allot of games.

but would an 8350 make a differnce in the bottel neck? hes already said he wont go to intel so thats his only option

The FX83xx will be a littlebit better then a FX81xx.
However it will still bottleneck especialy at 1080p.
And it some games it might realy be noticable if he is sensitive for it.

An Haswell i5 would have been a better option, as far as gaming performance is concerned with that GPU.
But yeah that does not realy matter, since he does not want intel.

Im trying to convince him to just return his MB and CPU so he can switch to an i5 but hes saying he doeent wanna go back to the store.... our micro center is like 15 min away =/
can you recomend a i5 mb combo for 280?(the price of the msi970MB an 9590he bought in the first place)

Well at Microcenter they often got some good mobo + cpu combo deals.
You could check there if they maybe have a nice 4690K + Z97 mobo combo deal.

If he does not realy care about overclocking,
then he can also look at something like a locked haswell i5, like 4590, 4460, 4690 + H97 mobo.

okay thanks for everyones input ill try to convince him to buy an i5 combo but if not ill just buy a new cooler and keep th 9590

If your bro is happy with the 8120 leave him be. You just scored a nice upgrade.

The 212 comes with spare brackets to mount a second fan so for a few dollars you can improve its cooling performance.

Your mobo will permit you to under lock and under volt that monster CPU. So you could do that and still be better than a stock 8350.

Just an idea 😁

that was also another option i was thinking of but hes my little brother and if i can avoid ripping him off i will ,pore kid bought the 9590 for $180 an got a 8120

That's fair, if he insists on not returning the CPU could you? If you could swap it for an 83xx you could just use that and give him the refunded difference.

The store probably shouldn't have sold him that CPU with that mobo in the first place, hey ho.

Well it all depends allot on the games he is playing and how he likes to play them ofc.\

That isnt realy going to improve realy much, maybe 2 degrees?
He would realy need a better cooler for that chip.

But yeah, if you think about it, the FX9590 needs a very sollid expensive mobo to run properly.
He has a Asus Crosshair V Formula Z, so that is basicly the best board you could get for am3+.
But It also need an expensive cooling solution, and it consumes a shit ton of power.
And it still gets ass kicked in gaming by a i5-4460 at 3.2Ghz in allot of games.


Wouldnt it be an idea, if you give your Asus crosshair V Formula Z board to your brother?
In the thought of brother love? ☺

I agree with @BGL that they basicly should not have sold him that mobo + cpu combo.
But yeah, i assume that those MC employee´s have no clue about what they exaly sell.
I would personaly just return it,
and see what kind of nice cpu + mobo combo deals they have to offer.
Maybe he could get a 4690K + Z97 board deal, or something similar.

okay all, i think ive convinced my brother to return the msi 970 MB and fx9590 for an

Intel Core i5-4690K & MSI Z97 or ASRock Z97

thanks for all the info and supporting me an this up hill battle also yeah @BGL hats what i said to him when he brought it to me .. those fucken employees are tards some times.

lol looks like all im getting out of this is some new thermal paste XD

I´m sorry that i have might ruined your cpu upgrade.
But i just want the best for your brother, since he basicly has a realy nice GPU GTX970.
Of course the FX8120 will work with the GTX970, but in some games he might get dissapointed.

I´m not biassed to intel or amd in anyway.
I use a FX8350 for more then 3 years myself.